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The L.E.D. of the Unicorn

After half a year’s worth of patient waiting, the much-anticipated L.E.D. Unit finally made its landfall.

Originally supposed to be collected together with the Perfect Grade back in January, the L.E.D. Unit was a no-show due to cut-stock from the source, had no choice but to wait for the eventual restocking back in late May.


Packaged in a rather extravagant box, the exterior art featured an image of Unicorn Gundam’s Psycho Frame emitting its reddish pink particles in the dark, as well as a single image of the L.E.D. glowing.

The whole box itself covers in a type of chrome foil material, making the whole thing feels more reflective and kinda more… “expensive”. ^^;

The rear side of the box covers all the features from the set, Starting from the ankle this time, the front portion of 1/60 Perfect Grade RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. 


Surprisingly, the contents come neatly tucked away in plastic trays.

Then again due to the intricacy of the electronics and wiring involved, extra care is to be expected in the package design.


There are a couple of instruction sheets are included. The 1st sheet listed out each of the included L.E.D. parts in detail, with lots of pre-assembly testing and notes to be cautioned at.

The 2nd sheet that covers on the installation of the L.E.D. onto the PG is of immense help since the same set of instructions are basically already included within the PG’s assembly booklet. One does not need to fork out the booklet (Already stashed neatly elsewhere months before) after the assembly of the PG…


Neatly labelled with alphabets for easy recognition, some of the included L.E.D. parts are identical to one another, so utmost care must be paid for when installing.

Aside from the L.E.D. parts with a mess of wirings and the battery unit, a Parts Separator is given to ease the overall installation of the L.E.D. onto the PG itself.  


Now to test if the L.E.D.s are working…

The battery unit holds four AA batteries to operate. It has a round button and a flick on-off switch by its side.

Aside from a single white L.E.D., the rest are UV purple lights, no doubt to complement Unicorn’s UV reactive Psycho Frame.


Now to separate the Unicorn’s body parts for installation. The aforementioned Parts Separator really does help a lot, especially to coax stubborn connecting points between Gunpla parts during the lengthy disassembly.

Installation is by no means a heavy chore, placing each of the thin wiring onto slits and slots on the PG’s frames and parts can be hair-raising complicated.

Took me about 6 hours just finally get it done, almost severing one of the wirings inside the left thigh on the way. Luckily it’s just the outer rubber tube that was cut, but now the wiring is exposed… D:


The moment we’ve been waiting for… =w=

/Unicorn.mp3 intensifies

The various L.E.D. modes as shown above are as follows:

Auto – Gradually lights up the eyes of Unicorn Gundam before igniting the Psycho Frames automatically. After a short time the Psycho Frame turns off, leaving the eyes lit for a split second before shutting down. Total elapse time clocked at about 40 seconds. This mode can be accessed via pressing and holding the round button for about 3 seconds before flicking on the switch.

Manual A – Similar to Auto but each press of the button gradually lights up the L.E.D.s in the following sequence: Eyes on > Psycho Frame on > Psycho Frame off then Eyes off. This mode can be accessed via flicking on the switch normally.

Manual B – Instantly lights up in the following sequence: Eyes on > Eyes off, Psycho Frame on > Eyes on, Psycho Frame still on > All off. This mode can be accessed via pressing the round button and then immediately flicking on the switch. Only discovered this mode via trial and error during my messing with the L.E.D.s (SO MUCH FUN!!!!), unless I somehow misses it during my many read-through of the given instruction sheets?


The L.E.D. lights bleeding through the slits of the armour parts in Unicorn mode really makes up for quite a visual. 


Really adore the green visor during this mode, makes up for a contrasting element against the rest of its armour-slit-lights.

The L.E.D.s are very bright and powerful, you can barely see the pilot inside the cockpit without first patches of white light and the pink glow surrounding the whole area hit your immediate view…

The subtle glow on the feet is nice to gaze upon too!


Unicorn mode alone won’t do the L.E.D. justice. www

To Destroy Unchained (Since this mode = Destroy mode with more exposure of the Psycho Frame, I chose this mode instead) mode we go!


As expected, in Destroy Unchained mode, Unicorn is much more impressive visually.

Do note that the full body shot below as well as the Auto mode in the video, Unicorn is still in its Destroy mode. =w= For the rest of the shots though, it is in its Destroy Unchained mode. 


The L.E.D.s do an amazing job evenly saturating all the UV lights all across the Psycho Frame, making them as if the parts themselves lit up on their own. :Dc

Concentrated patches of white and reddish-purple lights indicate the actual locations of the installed L.E.D.s within the body of Unicorn itself.


Especially love this shot because reasons. :P

And with this post, I can finally conclude my review of the Gunpla kit. ^_^


All in all, building this Gunpla felt pretty similar to building a Master Grade version, albeit with more parts and definitely a better and more detailed design. An almighty good job on fixing the horrible knee articulation as present on the MG version, for that you’ve earned my salutation, Bandai.

While a bit too pricey to my comfort (Nearly twice the price of my previous and only PG, the Astray Red Frame), the added Psycho Frame L.E.D. gimmick is a deal breaker for me. I really can’t stress enough my excitement on this gimmick alone. It’s just so dang cool!

And my Gunpla adventure will continue, with the next in line being the upcoming Real Grade Astray Red Frame…


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