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So Petit, Yet Bearly a Gunpla

Originally released together with Mama’gguy in Beargguy F as a set, the Petit’gguy’s small frame emits an unbearable aura of cuteness, most certainly in bid on attracting (Or as many veteran Gunota put it, cashing-in…) more female Gunpla builders to the hobby.

Seen in the anime (Gundam Build Fighters Try)’s ED sequence, the four Petit’gguys in different colour variations finally made their Gunpla début, in separate releases no less!


The colour variations are obviously a representation of the main characters in the anime itself: Winning Yellow for Hoshino Fumina, Lightning Blue for Kousaka Yuuma, Burning Red for Kamiki Sekai and Future Pink for Kamiki Mirai.

All Petit’gguys share the very same mould, and upon assembly they are pretty much the same as one another.

The difference being only their primary colour (Duh!). 


Articulation wise, Petit’gguy possesses a pair of rotatable ears, as well as five ball jointed points at the limbs and the neck.

Due to the design, the poseability is rather limited and basic. =w=


All Petit’gguys come with a seat and a Acguy/Beargguy-to-Petit’gguy optional hand.

It’s basically the same stuff as included in the Beargguy F set…


The top-heaviness due to its large head also contributes to its unsteadiness. As such, a simple stand is included with the Petit’gguys, the colour of the stand once again based upon the said Gunpla’s primary colour. w

Too bad the stand is short (Just enough to fix the Petit’gguy in place at standing height) and fixed, disallowing dynamic angle(s) posing.


The seat for Petit’gguy can be mounted onto other Gunpla with compatible slot, allowing the latter to carry the former like a parent do to their child. :P 

An extra adapter is provided for more installation choices on those Gunpla with a single slot. When not in use, the adapter can be stored underneath the seat itself.


Hey, it works even on non-Gunpla too, as long as the slot fits. XDc


While meant to use in conjunction with High Grade Gunpla kits, Petit’gguys’ size are perfect to utilise weapons and accessories of SD Gundam!

Behold the Burning Zeong!


These guys make excellent travel companions. XDc


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