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Acquisitions of PAM15

It’s very rare that I left an ACG event empty-handed, Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015 is no exception… ^_~


Using the privilege of the pass I managed to apply before the event itself, I got many good photos and memories out from the two-day exhaustion. XDc

Many grateful thanks to SOZO and Penang Global Tourism for making this possible!

Thanks to Tomodachi T-Shirts, a Thai doujin circle selling custom anime Ts at the event, I once again just had to acquire this cute and good quality anime T featuring Yuudachi of Kancolle shouting her signature quote… www

You can say I just got myself Poi’d… :P 


Found this really well-made nuigurumi of Kokkuri-san (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)on sale at another 3rd part commercial booth.

Albeit in a rather orangey hue rather than his usual yellow fur, this Kokkuri-san is nonetheless a cute shoulder companion.

Yes, you can attach him onto your shoulder via a pin underneath his belly. XDc


From many local past events, I’ve noticed the popularity of these doujin AR cards. Out of curiosity this time, I bought one to test it out. Yoshino from Date A Live is alive via my sumafo!

Utilising the AR card for accurate positioning and paired with a third-party sumafo app, I had some guilty pleasure of enjoying the 3D model of Yoshino in my den. www 


Got a trio of button badges as well from the exhibition halls.

Iron-Man’s Arc Reactor now replaces the logo of my camera bag while a couple of CastKitsunes decorate the sling strap. =w=

It’s really rare to see CastKitsune stuff on sale in events. It’s a no brainer for me. :P


Finally, some coscards/name cards I’ve exchanged with various cosplayers and new comrades…

Just to clear your confusion if you noticed her coscard, I got Saku’s through another comrade that visit a previous event Saku attended. w


That concludes everything I’ve covered on PAM15.

Although mired with some disappointments (We need more guests from the anime/manga industry, like the ones announced for the upcoming Funan Anime Matsuri in Singapore!), the event itself is pretty much a huge success IMHO.

Hopefully it will be grander the next year!


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