Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Matsuri of PAM15

Uwaa, only 5 days after the end of Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015 last weekend (On and off), that I’ve managed to post-process all my piccies taken during the event itself… orz Finally I can start my after-event report… :P 

PAM15 is perhaps the 1st (Or the 2nd if you count Culture Japan Con a couple of years back being the 1st instead) ever larger ACG event of the Northern region of the country, with full collaboration/support from the Penang state government itself.


Anyway, with my trusted steel steed, I head to the venue a couple of hours earlier before the opening hours to beat the traffic as well as finding a good parking bay.

Even as I stepped into the area, I’ve noticed a large group of comrades already gathered around the ticketing booth to get themselves the entry pass. Much dedication! XDc

The main entrance to the exhibition halls is marked with an overhead arch.

Early birds already flocked the place a couple of hours before the starting time, the queue even over-stretched all along the walkway towards the building’s outer gate!


Here’s some interior shots of the halls itself. A grand hall stairs complimented by an exquisite chandelier marked the central zone of the halls.

The Auditorium on the second floor is used for stage events, including cosplay competitions, guest workshops and anime movies viewing like Saint Seiya, Gundam the Origin, K and Conan.

Heard from the organisers themselves that the sound system in the Auditorium is certified world-class, even better than the ones from their past events! =w=

Also note that the Auditorium is perhaps the coolest place amongst the halls (It’s very hot everywhere else due to the all-year-Summer weather :P), thus attracting tons of comrades to head inside and enjoying a brief air-conditioned rest…


The exhibition area in the midst of preparation.

The halls consist of two floors, with different merchandise booths spread all across the grand hall and the 2nd floor concourse…


The Creator’s Market A.K.A. the Doujin Zone took place in a small conference room or sort next to the grand hall (Just behind the central stairs), complete with nice air-conditioning. www


More piccies on them merchandise booths…

Lots and lots of third-party dakimakura covers around… 0_0


As soon as the entrance being opened, hordes of comrades thronged the exhibition halls en masse, browsing and enjoying the merchandise and stage events within.

And of course, cosplayers roamed inside as well as outside the halls, providing shutter chances for stalking photogs. We’ll have a look at those captured on my lens in my subsequent posts…

There were no shortage of humans around (XDc), but the numbers are noticeably fewer on the second day…


As the day draws to a close, the Matsuri will move from the exhibition halls within Dewan Sri Pinang to the field of Esplanade just across the City Hall, for a second half of the experience.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’d only visited the outdoor zone on Day 2 and enjoyed the outdoor concert briefly.

Kinda missed the more explosive one the day before with yanaginagi and Kobayashi Mika helming the stage… Would love to hear their anisong live… :/


Prior to the commencement of the outdoor concert, the Chief Minister of Penang (My island www), as well as a few other VIPs gave their speech on the event itself.

The CM is hopeful that such anime event(s) will occur regularly on the island. 


The stage being prepped for an explosive start-up, with eager head-bangers fans cheering every now and then in anticipation of a night full of rhythmic excitement.

Just look at them gathering of fans around the open-air stage area! :3c


Soon, the amps cranked to live as the guest DJ launched a flurry of anime songs with his personal touch to the gathering crowd, waves of cheers drown within an epic blast of tunes.

It’s a pity I had to leave just a brief moment after the beginning of the party due to prior engagement elsewhere. Would love to stay to enjoy along with the enthusiastic crowd…


Anyway, we’ll take a look at some of the displays present at the exhibition area on my next post.

Stay tuned for more!

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