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キャス狐スレ: 東の熊熊と朝霧

After an appreciation of the Fox of the West, today let’s explore a couple more foxes from the Eastern front.

Recently, a couple of comrades from the book of faces piqued my curiosity after their forwarding (One from each comrade) of a couple of cosplayers on my time line.


Again, the one of the comrades failed to include the sauce of the said cosplayer’s profile.

However a brief investigation of mine quickly pointed me to the rest of the cosplayer’s photos of her portrayal of Tama-chan!

Hailed from Suzhou of the mainland China, 说给熊熊 actually did a tasty job on her portrayal of the foxy miko.

I really adores her choice of sceneries and her poses that really brings out the personality of the naughty waifu Caster. www


She also cosplayed Tama-chan in her Fate/Extra CCC outfit too along with the game’s FeMC!


Have a look at her profile @


Another Tama-chan as mentioned is 朝雾筱芙Asagiri, from Sichuan of China.

Albeit heavily edited via Photoshop as confessed by herself in her blog, her rendition of Tama-chan is nonetheless accurate, save for the rather thin shippo though… ^^;


Do have a look at her Weibo profile @

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