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Stage Schedule and Matsuri Experience of PAM15

T-minus 8 days left until the Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015, the official schedule for the Stage events within Dewan Sri Pinang has finally been unveiled. 

Will most likely stalk all the workshops of them cosplay guests for a chance to take some two-shots with Tama-chan…


I wonder if meet-and-greet sessions are included? Apparently the meet and greet schedule will be decided soon… =w=

BTW, do note that the indoor stage is only accessible to those who have the Exhibition + Stage ticket.  

(Edited on 15-5-2015) The schedule of the Meet & Greet session of the guest cosplayers is out. 


For those preferring the great outdoors, the Esplanade just outside the building will be available to you for a Japanese Matsuri experience.

Lots and lots of stall games and foods will be sold there starting from the late evening.


The outdoor Matsuri area is open to all, free of charge. Rent or don your Yukata and have fun with other comrades! :3c 

There is also an outdoor concert happening on the night of Day 1, so you might be able to enjoy the said concert too if you’re nearby emptying up (With your stomach) the food stalls. XDc


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