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The Dark Side of the Unicorn

As part of the Gunpla-exclusive gimmick, Unicorn Gundam was announced to have a third mode not covered in the original light novels or the anime OVAs. The third mode, dubbed the Destroy Unchained, is basically further shedding of the outer white armour.


The reveal of the Psycho Frame within will allow further emission of the crimson energy. The transformation to the Destroy Unchained mode is pretty simple, just a few adjustments and extensions here and there all over the Unicorn.

Starting from the ankle this time, the front portion of the ankle guard armour is to be lifted slightly to expose the hidden Psycho Frame. The pointed ends of each side of the ankle guard has a similar cover, which will be unhooked from the protected frames within.


New to the Perfect Grade, each sides of each legs have a couple of panels that can be lifted and flipped outwards. A couple of fin-like Psycho Frame pieces underneath the said panels can then be extended outwards for more exposure.

PG_Unicorn_211PG_Unicorn_212 PG_Unicorn_213PG_Unicorn_214

The fin-like piece on the back side of the lower calves containing the thrusters, is to be further lifted outwards, allowing more of the Psycho Frames in view. 


For the front skirts, the lower chunk of the armour is to be pulled downwards, creating more exposure of the frames. The rear skirts are subjected to the same treatment as well. 

PG_Unicorn_217PG_Unicorn_218 PG_Unicorn_219PG_Unicorn_220

A couple of armour pieces on each end of the collar area is to be lifted outwards.


The linked pieces of the lower part of the shoulder armour will be split apart: the piece closer to the chest downwards while the outer piece upwards.

The triangular stabiliser at the furthest end of the shoulder armour will be slid upwards to again, reveal the Psycho Frame within. A pity the pieces are too loose and easily (Accidentally) collapsed back to their undeployed form. Will need to find a way to remedy the friction between these pieces…

PG_Unicorn_223PG_Unicorn_224 PG_Unicorn_225

Armour pieces for upper arms are to be split apart to allow the crimson part underneath them to shine through.


For the forearm, the triangular pieces on each sides of the Beam Sabre compartment is to be lifted, creating a crossbow-like configuration along with the Beam Sabre itself extended. 


Moving on to the back pack, the side thrusters are to be further extended outwards. The lower half of the back pack will be then be slid down, with the lower thrusters extend outwards to respective ends.

PG_Unicorn_231PG_Unicorn_232 PG_Unicorn_233

Finally, the “nekomimi (As many fans decided to call them this…)” is deployed just behind the V-fins, via a small hook on the surface.


I must say though, I really like this third form better than the regular Destroy mode. The exposure of more of them crimson Psycho Frame really makes Unicorn stands out aesthetically.

PG_Unicorn_236PG_Unicorn_237PG_Unicorn_238 PG_Unicorn_239

While I may not have my L.E.D. unit set yet, the UV reactive Psycho Frame means I can use my black light torch for some awesome in-the-dark photography!

PG_Unicorn_240PG_Unicorn_241 PG_Unicorn_242PG_Unicorn_243

Just look at how Unicorn “lights” up even without (yet) installing the L.E.D. units!


Next part of the review will be decided once I got my hands on the L.E.D. unit set. Unfortunately, the low supply everywhere really worries me and there is yet any news from my supplier as well. Not to mention the increasingly cut-throat scalper price all over… 

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