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The Day of the Force

Star Wars Day is celebrated worldwide annually on the 4th of May by avid fans of the Star Wars Saga.


For the uninitiated Padawans, “May the Fourth” sounds a lot like the catch phrase “May the Force Be with You!” from the movies… thus the celebrated date!

Utilising the very Minifigs included with LEGO 7965 Millennium Falcon and LEGO 75038 Jedi Interceptor, I’ve made a parody of a certain scene from the movie to commemorate the Day of the Force. ^_~


1st Panel: I am…

2nd Panel: your…

3rd Panel: FATHER!


Here’s that particular memorable scene, in glorious Ranguage of the Rising Sun. w

Do note that to emphasis the revelation at that point in the dubbed version, the actual Japanese quote goes like “お前の父は… 私だ!” instead of what I used above, which is more an homage to the original English version. :P

Aside from the one above, there are three more parodies I’d made… w

Have fun! XDc



1st Panel: I am…

2nd Panel: your…

3rd Panel: FUTURE!

4th Panel: IT’S A LIE~!



1st Panel: I am your…

2nd Panel: FATHER!

4th Panel: Siblings!?



1st Panel: I am…

2nd Panel: your…

3rd Panel: FATHER (in-law)!

4th Panel: /thpr

May the 4th be with you, always!


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