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Leakage of a Mini Fiesta

The officials, ummm, unofficially announce (Accidental info leak it seems) the actual dates of the upcoming events for the latter half of the year.


Aside from Comic Fiesta 2015 that will be held in the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (Instead of the usual place all these years) on the 19th and 20th of December, the Penang (My island! XDc) based Comic Fiesta Mini will in turn be held on the 5th and 6th of September.

CF Mini 2015 is to be held at Straits Quay Convention Centre (The very same venue as Culture Japan Con back in 2013!) instead of Penang Times Square as in the yesteryear


Since my bad experience a few years back, I’ll most likely ditching Comic Fiesta 2015 (Judging by the possible financial crisis I’m going to face after Anime Festival Asia 2015 a few weeks before this… Oh well…) but will definitely join the Mini version. 

Not much has been revealed just yet but will look forward to the list of invited guests/cosplayers that will grace the event itself… ^w^


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