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A Shrunken Gear of Metal

When I first cast my eyes upon this magnificent piece of machinery back in Culture Japan Con in 2013, ThreeA’s Metal Gear REX’s sheer size amazed me, even to this day.

So was the retail price. XDc


The makers of the said Metal Gear REX now offers the beast in its shrunken form, which will be available for sales on the 23rd of April for USD 230, worldwide shipping inclusive.

Here are the exact quotes from ThreeA’s website:

The iconic METAL GEAR REX returns by popular demand! This time in a Half-Size Edition much friendlier for smaller spaces. REX retains the Light-Up system and incredible level of detail as its larger counterpart! The half-size edition features improved articulation including the ability to turn its head. Hatches on the knees and back-unit open and close – no removal necessary!



Rail Gun Length – 11.59inches (29.45cm)

Resting Height – 8.35 inches (20.95cm)

Width – 7.35 inches (18.68cm)

METAL GEAR RAY Half-Size Edition coming in May!


Aside from REX, Ray will also make its return in the similar half-size edition, so you can re-enact the iconic battle between the behemoths as seen in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot. =w=


As much as I want to procure this beauty of a machine for myself, most of my reserved funds had already been relocated elsewhere, which you’ll see the result during AFA later the year… www

Edit 23/4/2015: Apparently it’s an impulse purchase for me anyway… Can’t miss this out then regret later… orz Anyway, the pre-order is available at Bambaland 3A now. Shipping period will be set on August or 3rd quarter of the year.


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