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The Possibility of the Unicorn

Unicorn Gundam is fitted with an operating system called the NT-D, which will automatically triggered when the presence of a NewType is detected on its immediate battlefield.

Masked as NewType-Drive, its true name is actually NewType-Destroyer, an anti-NewType operating system (Obviously).

Upon detection, the Beast of Possibility will convert into its Destroy Mode, greatly increased in performance and mobility in order to deal with the threat that is a NewType.


The only flaw of the system is its inability to distinguish between true NewTypes or the artificial Cyber NewTypes.

Due to the massive stress faced by the pilot during its operation, the system limited itself a 5 minutes time frame (In order not to kill its pilot by accident) before the fail-safe kicks in, reverting it back to its Unicorn Mode. 

As such the system is more suitable to be used by a (Cyber) NewType. Oh, the irony!

The following picture sets will document the transformation into its Destroy Mode, focusing upon the expansion and separation of the armour seams, which will later locked onto their hard points, exposing its signature pinkish red Psycho Frame.

Starting from the feet, armour pieces covering the top part and either side of the feet will be lifted up, allowing the side ankle armour pieces to swivel downwards to lock the now raised ankle in place.

At the same time, the flat bottom of the heel will be raised into sort of high-heel platform, supporting the weight of the body shared by the toe. Meanwhile, the feet cover will be locked into its hard point below the ankle guard.


Moving up a bit to the ankle guards, untabbing the locks on either side will allow Unicorn to extend the said area. Retab the locks to secure the piece in place.


The fin-like piece on the back side of the lower calves is to be lifted outwards, thus revealing the hidden thrusters underneath them. 


A huge chunk of the knee armour will be unhooked from its socket and the tip of the knee cap flipped outwards, allowing the Psycho Frame part within to be raised along the designated rail, which then allow the former to be locked on upon after its own twists and turns of the transformation.


A large piece of the thigh armour is to be lifted outwards to slide down the leg, and then repositioned in order to lock the extended thigh into place.


An armour piece from the front skirts is to be lifted outwards diagonally.

For the side skirts, it’s only a matter of simply sliding the piece downwards. 


The lower half of the crotch armour will be opened to create room for the extension of the Psycho Frame attached to the upper half, lifted upwards.


A part of the rear skirts are lifted outwards to reveal another set of thrusters hidden within.


As mentioned during the first examination of the Unicorn, untabbing the locking mechanism behind the abdomen area allows Unicorn to extend the said section.

You can either leave it as it is to allow more freedom in movement or retab the lock to fix the section in place (Without the said lock, the abdomen area tends to accidentally slide back to its earlier form at times). 


Transformation on the chest part is done via sliding both sides outwards, then flipping the panel covering the breast area downwards. 


The sensor units hidden inside the slit on either side of the chest pieces is to be lifted out from its slot.

They are really tightly fit at times, so the easiest way to lift them out is to remove the rear armour pieces covering it to directly access the said sensor units, lift them out, and replace the said armour pieces back to their intended slot.


Onto the shoulder next.

Simple enough, the upper part of the armour is lifted and the piece at the side rotated to split the armour pieces. 


The Beam Sabre compartment on the forearm is raised outwards and the wrist part extended. 


Moving on to the backpack of Unicorn.

The hidden Beam Sabres are to be raised from their slots and repositioned atop the backpack ala traditional Gundam types.

The panels with hidden thrusters on both sides of the backpack are to be lifted out at an angle.


Finally the transformation climax of Unicorn’s Destroy Mode.

With both sides of the helmet separated and the face guard unlocked from its original position, the whole top part of the head is to be lifted upwards, along with the Gundam type face hidden underneath the face guard.

The horn is split into V-fins while the Gundam face section slide outwards, while the sides of the helmet rotates.

The face guard will now be brought inwards inside the hollow section, as everything falls back into place to reveal the Gundam type head. 


Behold, Unicorn Gundam in its Destroy Mode.

With its signature stark white stature and the V-fins, it’s no doubt this is a Gundam type!


Not shown during our last assessment on Unicorn’s weaponry, even in Unicorn Mode, Unicorn have access to its Beam Sabres on both its forearms.

However the Beam Sabres can only be lifted half way, while in Destroy Mode they can go all the way.


The extra pairs of Beam Sabres thanks to the transformation from the backpack, can be accessed the traditional way. w


Unicorn doesn’t even need to remove the forearm Beam Sabres and use them directly, in a mode which they (The creators of the MS) christened Beam Tonfas. 


Aside from the main body itself, Unicorn’s Shield also subjected to the transformation gimmick itself.

By sliding down the lower half of the Shield half-way through, the four petals bearing the Psycho Frame can be deployed from behind the Shield itself, locking into place.

To complete the transformation, the half-way lower half of the Shield has to go all the way.


Some shots with the Unicorn bearing its assortment of armaments.


And that’s it for the Destroy Mode.


Third Mode will be thoroughly researched upon in our next meeting. 

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