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The Armoury of the Unicorn

Previously, I’ve covered on the articulation and overall exterior of the 1/60 Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam, as well as its various gimmicks in its Unicorn Mode. 

For this round, we’ll look at the included weapons and other optional stuff available to the Unicorn.


First on the line is the Shield, a standard defensive armament aside from all the usual basic offensive weaponry like the Beam Rifle or equivalent.

In the story, the Shield holds within itself an I-Field generator, able to deflect incoming beam attacks, except solid projectiles or point-blank attacks.

In its default setup, the Shield’s connector piece is hooked onto one of the Unicorn’s forearm’s two slots, located at either side of the compartment holding the Beam Sabre.

Unfortunately, I find this method rather weak (Holding the whole Shield’s weight with only a single connector will probably put on intense stress on the said part, slowly breaking it sooner or later…), which resulted in me using the alternate setup via the extra connector hook originally meant for the Beam Gatling Guns (Which we’ll be taking a look upon after this). 


By using both the connecting hooks available, the mounting of the Shield on the forearm feels much sturdier than the previous setup.


Two Beam Gatling Guns are provided along the PG kit, allowing the Unicorn to wield it by hand. Too bad the weak ball joint on the wrists won’t be able to hold the weight of the weapons bar the Beam Sabres (They are very small and light after all XDc). 

The grip and the trigger of the Beam Gatling Guns can be slid into their body for storage. 


The sensor/visor scope thingie (What do you actually call it as?) can be rotated around the quad barrels, so is the cylindrical grip underneath.

I’ve decided to leave the grip alone when I discovered that the tightness between the parts creating stress mark on the ball-shaped connector.


As mentioned earlier, the connector hooks are shared between the Shield and the Beam Gatling Guns.

By installing the hooks on a slot between the barrel and the stock on both the Beam Gatling Guns, allowing you to mount them onto the Unicorn’s forearm slots together with its Shield.  


Next in the Unicorn’s many armament line is the Hyper Bazooka, currently in its storage form. 

To deploy it, the barrel is to be extended, with the side grip unfold from its resting place. 


Sliding out the rack at the far end of the Hyper Bazooka allows you to install a separate magazine containing 6 rounds of ammunition.


When not in use, a peg can be unfold from its slot above the rear-end of the Hyper Bazooka, of which you can then attached onto Unicorn’s backpack.


The magazine itself can be attached onto the slot on either one of Unicorn’s rear skirts. 


The other signature weapon carried by the Unicorn is the Beam Magnum. A spare magazine is included so you can swap out the one installed on the weapon itself or store it onto the rear skirts of the Unicorn.

Not shown in the pictures, you can actually attach the Beam Magnum onto Unicorn’s forearm slots, as well as had it stored onto the backpack similar to Hyper Bazooka. 


PG Unicorn comes with a gigantic grey-coloured display base, which will be used for the L.E.D. gimmicks later on.

Notice the huge compartment cover at the front of the base? That’s where your L.E.D. unit will go to.

The height of the connecting arm piece can be adjusted, allowing aerial action poses even though the angle of which you’re posing is fixed… :/


On the rear side of the base, there are several slots meant for weapon storage, a first in the PG line.

All weapons from the PG kit, as well as the additional ones from the P-Bandai limited expansion Full Armour set can be mounted onto the slots without any problem.

Saves much display and storage space thanks to the design. XDc


To hook up the connecting arm piece onto the Unicorn, you’ll need to detach its backpack first then reattached it after the installation.


Here are a number of action poses I did with the Unicorn.

Perfect kneel is not possible due to the design of the hip joints coupled with obstruction from the skirts.

Even without its weapons, Unicorn already looks incredibly magnificent.


Unicorn becomes more intimidating once you’ve mounted various weaponry onto it.

I personally adore the ones involving the Beam Gatling Guns. :3c


The Last Shooting™! www


Exploration on Unicorn’s Destroy Mode will be performed on my next writing. In the meantime, enjoy these piccies above. ^_^ 

Humanity alone possesses a god, the power to transcend the now, the inner god called “possibility” – Banagher Links, Gundam UC


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  1. Not getting Full Armor parts?

    11th April, 2015 at 00:34

    • Not planning to. Never like the add-ons (Except extra Shields + Beam Gatlings) anyway.

      11th April, 2015 at 07:34

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