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The Galaxy Fairy and Super Dimensional Cinderella’s New Outfits

Although the pre-order period for DD Sheryl Nome and DDS Ranka Lee along with their assortment of different outfits are long gone by now (Ended in January), it seems Volks will unveil yet a couple more outfits for them very soon. 

Macross Frontier x Dollfie Dream Poster

While currently on schedule and in preparation to ship out by Autumn this year, an online poll was held on the official site some months ago on various outfits wore by both the songstresses in the series.

Looks like the result is out now. w 

A total of six outfits are selected in consideration for future expansion by Volks, 3 for each songstresses.

On Sheryl’s sides, popular choices include her Orlean outfit and her Holy Bride dress. 


Ranka on the other hand, fan favourites include her After School Overflow uniform and her Mahou Shoujo Pastel outfit.


I did said six, right?

Aside from the above four, two more are selected: Sheryl’s Lion Military uniform AKA Admiral Stripper and Ranka’s Rashberry Candy outfit! 


These two will be under consideration of becoming the next in line of the Macross Frontier x Dollfie Dream project.

An announcement will be officially made in the near future.

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