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The Anatomy of the Unicorn

Briefly mentioned before, I’ve spent all of my 10-day Lunar New Year holidays on the assembly of the kit alone, for approximately 2-6 hours daily.   

It wasn’t another two weekends after that I’ve finally top coated the finished model with clear aerosol spray cans I got locally (Originally intended for Mr. Hobby Matte Clear Top Coats but they are way more expensive and are out of stock at the time; FYI: 1 Mr. Hobby Matte Clear  = 4 local clear…). 

As an early cameo, this kit was featured along many other figures during Cosplay Invasion 4 two weeks ago, poisoning many visitors with its grandiose display…


Behold, the Beast of Possibility in its glorious Perfect Grade!

Clad in stark white armour, Unicorn looks terrifically menacing in size, being a 1/60 Perfect Grade and all. Before moving further in, let’s have a look at 1/60 PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam in its standard—well—Unicorn Mode.

Sporting the signature long antenna resembling a horn, the head of the Unicorn features a single green visor much akin to the like of the Earth Federation’s usual Mobile Suit design (GM and Nemo for example). One wouldn’t recognise it as a Gundam type Mobile Suit if not for its alternate mode. 

The mentioned alternate mode, Destroy Mode, as well as the much-advertised Third Mode (Destroy Unchained), will be explored thoroughly in a series of follow-up posts, while I patiently awaits the eventual arrival of the delayed L.E.D. units.


Although not as extensive (And excessive) as that of the decals on a 1/100 Master Grade Unicorn Gundam ver. KA, the PG version does include a fair amount of warning labels, insignia stickers and such to decorate the otherwise empty surfaces all around the white armour of the Unicorn.


This being my 2nd PG (My first being 1/60 PG MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame), I’m still lamented over the lack of scratch-on/water-slide decals instead of the standard seal stickers…

The former would blend in better than the square patches of the latter created after coating. :/


That aside, the many slits (Parts of the transformation gimmick) and detailed panel lines bring out the complexity of the otherwise simple design.


Thanks to that, a majority of my assembly process involves careful panel-lining using Bandai’s sumiire ink pen… ^_^; 


Now an examination on various articulation points and gimmicks in Unicorn Mode…

A staple in any Mobile Suit, the hatch in front of Unicorn’s torso can be opened to reveal the cockpit.

It’s kind of hard to see due to low lighting (Which is no problem once the L.E.D. units are installed; The cockpit will glow along the Psycho Frame), but you can just make out the sight of the partially detailed pilot (Banagher Links) inside.


Even though built on a double jointed neck piece, its shortness tripled coupled with the bulkiness of the helmet and the huge protruding collar, hinders much of the head articulation.


Double hinged elbow joints allows almost a full 160 +/- degree of forearm movement, an incredible improvement when compared to its MG ver., which is what this PG is based upon.

Upper arm rotation is a standard in any kit.


Raising the shoulder feels more natural thanks to the inner joints at work.

To lift further you’ll need to move the shoulders forward, due to the joints designed in an arc. 


You can slightly tilt the upper chest piece forward and back, but the tightness of the inner joints forbid me from doing so at times… ^^; 

The lack of abdomen articulation in Unicorn Mode will be unlocked once it transforms into its Destroy Mode. For now, you’ll only have waist rotation.

Note the locking piece behind the abdomen section? This will come in play during transformation.


Skirt armours are individually ball joints and highly poseable, although there is a limit to how high you can raise them (90 degrees at most as far as I can try).

Upper thigh rotation is present, but a section of the armour will block the way unless you extend the hip-joint sideways.

A huge disappointment when compared to the MG ver., the PG can barely do a 45 degrees side split. Normal split is limited only by the skirt armours…


The sliding tab underneath the pelvic area allows the lowering of the hip joints, providing more room around the joints for posing as well as to be a part of the transformation to Destroy Mode.

The resulting exposed half-cylinder piece when lowering the joints are some what distracting though… 0_o


The knee articulation is what the PG shines (Against MG), with the double hinged inner frame allowing better bending.

There is an armour-sliding gimmick around the knee pads too.


Angle joints allow a modest articulation around the area.

Due to being a part of the transformation, the blue toe part of the feet doesn’t bend as much as those from other kits. 


Unicorn’s hands are the very same one introduced since PG Strike Gundam, fully articulated at all segments of the fingers.

The wrist is on a ball joint, which makes it rather weak when holding heavy stuff (Like the weapons included). 


And that concludes the initial review of the PG, at least for now.

We will have a glimpse at the weapons that are included with the Gunpla kit next time.

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