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The Masquerade of Cosplay Invasion 4

With the event titled as Cosplay Invasion 4, it would be a mystery if there aren’t any cosplayer stalking around the halls, don’t you think? 


KanColle cosplay was pretty much the highlight of the event, with lots and lots of Kanmusume (And Kanmusuko) scattered all around…

Met up with some of my acquaintance, cosplaying as a FemT and a Bucket-head Akagi holding an Error Neko… www


And of course Love Live! cosplayers…

Pretty much a staple sighting over the past few years…


There were no shortage of cosplayers in various character cosplay roaming around the event halls.

These are the ones that I’ve managed to catch into my lens. 


Just living in the database. Wow wow wow wow.


Found this pair of Free! cosplayers doing the famous kabedon. Cue fan girls internal screaming.


The guest cosplayers during their stage segment on Day 1.

Due to the weak lighting around the halls, I didn’t capture as much piccies as I thought I would as many of them turned out too dark… D:


Rememberthe two-shots with them guests on my earlier post? Here are the shots with only the guests, minus the foxy Tama-chan. XDc

Ely as Toujo Nozomi (Love Live!) and Shameimaru Aya (Touhou Project). 


Noomi Kazumi as Minami Kotori (Love Live!) and Yamato (Kantai Collection).


Onnies as Minami Kotori (Love Live!) equipped with Necomimi.

We’re immediately clicked as soon as we set our eyes upon one another since I was wearing my custom Necomimi with Kitsunemimi… :P


King as Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu).

If you don’t know, Touken Ranbu is basically an otome game version of KanColle, featuring various katana and naginata and others in bishounen form, much like how KanColle had their WW2 ships in attractive bishoujo forms… =w=  


That concludes my report on Cosplay Invasion 4.

My next outing and coverage will be Penang Anime Matsuri in May. See you all there! 


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