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The Dolls of Cosplay Invasion 4

Moving on from the many figures as seen in the last post, in this post we’ll shift our focus upon the larger dolls this time around that graced the very same booth.


Tama-chan came in her keyhole turtleneck on Day 1 and short kimono on Day 2… =w=

Aside from a modest amount of musume on display, quite a number of Hatsune Miku turned up to join as well…


Fellow comrade parent Dato’ Quah’s Sasara seems to have trouble stuffing her plots into her suspiciously down-sized kimono. XDc


Comrade Chin’s Shibuya Rin holding her fellow Cinderella Girls. www


From the “forbidden zone” accessible only via specific passes (Which I have guhehehe) are two-shots of Tama-chan with all the guest cosplayers for both days. ^_^

1st up is Ely. :3c She was pretty surprised and excited at Tama-chan’s visit on both days. :P


Next in line is Noomi Kazumi. ^_^ Managed to had Tama-chan visited her for both days as well. 

She seems very fond of Tama-chan too…


King followed suit…

Didn’t managed to get King for a 2nd two-shot on Day 2 though… 残念…


Lastly, Onnies… She’d only attend the event on Day 2 (Heard she’s having fun around the island on Day 1) and was very eager to meet Tama-chan….

Maybe TOO… EAGER… :Dc


The next post will cover the cosplayers that I’ve managed to catch on my lens. 

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