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The Booths of Cosplay Invasion 4

Held within a medium-sized hall on the 2nd floor of Penang Times Square, Cosplay Invasion 4 ended up a success last weekend, with waves of crowd throng the place, especially on Day 2.

Perhaps being free-of-admission and the attendance of popular guest cosplayers contributed to the said success? w


Many thanks to the organiser Miao-san for the Media pass, which allows myself entry to a certain restricted area, usually off-limits to regular visitors. XDc

The event stage decorated with a large Kancolle themed backdrop.

Kancolle is extremely popular nowadays, especially with its anime series currently on the air. 


Pretty nice illustration of Yamato in her Abyssal form I must say. ^_^


Doujin booths scattered all across the hall, offering accessories and fan arts and T-Shirts for interested comrades. 


Various merchandise and figures are on sale all around the event halls, too.


The official booth that sells merchandise of the guest cosplayers, from photo books to postcards to posters.

There seemed to be a certain drama involving the organiser and guest cosplayers from a previous event (COSPAR³), which I’d learned only a few days ago.

Apparently, the official booth had a number of postcards of the cosplayers on sale during this event, without consent from the said cosplayers. Keen eyes on FB probably noticed the complains and notice posted by the cosplayers on their fan page, especially followers of the said cosplayers. As far as I learn, the organiser actually got the go ahead from the photog, but the latter failed to get a confirmation from the cosplayers themselves. 

I’ll refrain from commenting on this matter as to stay neutral. 


The figure display booth where many comrades and I putting out our prized collections for visitors’ eyes.

More on the figures themselves in my next post, please stay tune! 


Some shenanigans that occurred near the figure display booth during Day 2.

‘Illegal’ weapons laundering worshipping service? XDc

Hmmm… that pink unicorn at the corner seems familiar


Caught a comrade’s Error Neko with autographs of the cosplaying guests… 

Aside from being a competent cosplayer, Ely is a good illustrator too. :Dc 


The highlight of the event has to be the guest cosplayers themselves, namely King, Kazumi Noomi, Ely and Onnies.

They acted as guest judges for the cosplay competition on Day 2 as well. Many hilarity assured.


Next up: the many collections of various figures on display!


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