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4th Invasion of a Cosplaying Event

Spending almost all of my Lunar New Year holidays assembling my newly acquired Perfect Grade, it’s no wonder I don’t have the time to update my blog recently…  

I’m doing a 素組, which is basically a straight assembly with no customisation at all, save for a top coating which I’ll have to do only this weekend or after the next during the hot afternoon as so no frosting would occur on the surface.

Besides, I had to restock my cans of clear sprays…


Anyway, in just a week’s time, a local ACG event, Cosplay Invasion 4, will take place near my place once again this year!

I didn’t managed to fully attend both days during the Cosplay Invasion III last year, due to exhaustion from my five-and-half-days-per-week hours. Fortunately starting this month, my working hours has been shifted to five-days-week, with the only down side of having to work an extra 45 minutes per day. orz 

Anyway, I’m not here to rant on going back to my RL job…  :p

Back to the other matter, King, Ely, Kazumi and another special guest cosplayer (Which, from an inside informant, most likely be Onnies again! XDc) will make their appearance at the event itself.

Hoping to get two-shots of them with Tama-chan. Time to negotiate with the organiser guhehehe…


I’ll be attending this as one of them exhibitor myself. Do stop by and say hello to me and Tama-chan!

Hope to see you all there! 


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