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A new year, a new dawn! A Lunar one that is… (   |  ‿‿  |   )

Regular followers of Sisterly Love series will immediately recognised the following 4koma… ^_~


For the uninitiated, it is the Year of the Goat, or Sheep, or Ram, or whatever you like it to be… :P

Sorry for the reuse of the same neta, but I think the 4koma is very suitable for this Lunar New Year.

Misaka Mikoto, the titular tsundere of the To Aru series, is nicknamed Biri-biri due to her tendency to spark electricity.

Incidentally, the word itself meant sheep in the Malay language….

Got it now? www


Anyway, once again Tama-chan wishes you all 恭喜发财, donning her crimson Cheong Sam (China Dress to all you anime people) for the occasion!


Together with the mascot Goat of the Year, since Tama-chan lacks the horns, she instead imitating with her fingers… XDc

May you all have a prosperous year ahead!

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