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Celebrating a Phantastic Valentine’s

It’s been a trio of years since I’ve started my immersive play on the MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2.

I’m surprised I’m still in this game, logging in religiously, daily… despite my usual insistent solo/single play tendencies in my gaming habits, rejecting many online games all this while.


Anyway since the regular update from latter half of last month, the game lobby has been filled with giant bears, hearts and frilly decorations in celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. 

Together with the holiday lobby is the third revision of the Emergency Quest “Where is My Chocolate?”, which will run in limited scheduled times during the course of the event.

Female ARKS members will appear in the mission randomly and will actually give you GiriChoco for saving them! XDc  

To complete the mission, you’re tasked to collect 214 points by either defeating spawns and/or Nyau, defending Naura Sister’s mobile sweets shop or saving them lovely damsels in not-so-distress from the invading Enemies, randomly occurred as Emergency Codes during the said Quest. 

Here’s a play through of the said Emergency Quest.

On the other hand, the newly-added advanced camera controls from a few months back finally allows you to adjust your view for dynamic screenshots, thus resulting in these gorgeous takes on my in-game CastKitsune chara and the lovely Valentine’s lobby.


Aside from the holiday lobby, visiting my Team’s (Celestial, Ship 02) room allows me to take beautiful screenshots of the Japanese styled Harukotan garden. ^_^


A toast to this fine day from yours truly, ユナモン (Ship 02).


Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to all celebrating! :3c

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