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A Wonderful Hobby Preview of a Flare Fox

Yesterday, the one-day event WonFes occurred. With it, lots and lots of announcements of awesome and cute figures from various makers. :3c

Aside from the usual OMG-want Figma and Nendo from Good Smile Company, one particular figure caught my eyes… 


Oh yes! Finally another commercial release of CastKitsune!

Wishing for more, the lack of her figures for past years really disappoints me.

Flare will release a CastKitsune scaled figure in her modern outfit.

Worth to note that while the company is relatively new (Established just July from last year), they have already released several figures with a few more (Including this fox w) announced.

It seems that a majority of their past works are kemonomimis… www


This CastKitsune is based upon her illustration in the form of AR tapestry sold by Type-Moon during Comiket for the past two years.

BTW, Flare will release a Nero based upon this tapestry illustration too!


Only notified of her existence while browsing for WonFes piccies via Twitter and stumbled upon a Japanese visitor’s tweet.

Had a brief exchange with the comrade reveals that she’s still in prototype stage but no photo of her is allowed to be taken during the event. That didn’t stop some law breakers though… XDc

Will be keeping a keen eye on this girl. I’ll make sure to PO her when available. ^~^


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