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Official Announcement of PAM15

Upcoming ACG event on my island, organised by SOZO, the minds behind the AFA franchise, falls on the 23th and 24th of May, as per last hinted via AFA15’s announcement.


Comprising of an indoor exhibition within the halls of Dewan Sri Pinang and outdoor concert/food stalls at the Esplanade just across the road, this event could potentially rival or surpass that of the annual Bon Odori Festival that are held on the same venue!

Do you want to know more?

Please head to the official site for more information. w


A total of six special guests will attend the Matsuri, including performing artistes yanaginagi, Hachioji P and Yuyoyuppe and guest cosplayers Angie, Ying Tze, Hana and Baozi.



Born on 31 May in the Kansai region. In 2006, she began musical activities as an artiste/vocalist. Her aim is to create music that is similar to a fairy tale, with scenes of nostalgia and a casual lifestyle.

In 2009, she accepted an offer from supercell, and was the guest vocalist under the name “nagi”. In February 2012, she achieved her major solo début, and to date has released 8 singles and 2 album. She is also highly active in live performances through nationwide tours.

With a delicate voice that you cannot forget once you have heard it, and supported by songs that leave an impression with its world view, her reach continues to expand. 

Official Site:

Official Twitter:

Hachioji P

Dubbed as the ‘Prince of Vocaloid music’ on Japan’s popular video sharing site ‘Nico Nico Douga’, Hachioji P is a an internationally recognized music creator, remixer and DJ of Vocaloid music.

With a total view count of over 8 million, Hachioji P’s representative works ‘Sweet Devil’ and ‘Electric Love’ were made through a collaboration with MMD(Miku Miku Dance) and Producer Wakamura P. By having a distinctive style in producing dance music-based electric sounds and high quality video, this instantly pushed Hachioji P into Vocaloid World’s Hall of Fame.

Hachioji P’s first major album ‘Electric love’ debuted on the Oricon charts at 11th in 2012. Over the years, his growing popularity is evident as his works has been featured on shows such as NHK’s Weekly News, Good Morning Japan and Mr Sunday.

His success also spanned across to Taiwan where his first release of single ‘Sweet Devil’ ranked 4th on the K-POP/J-POP Charts. Following this success, his release of ‘Electric Love’ ranked 3rd on the K-POP/J-POP charts and 8th on the overall charts.

Hachioji P has also collaborated with famous creators such as kz of livetune for the Playstation Vita software ‘Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA –f’ with the split release of ‘Weekender Gir’ and ‘Fake Doll’. More recently, he has been involved in producing work for real vocalists such as Shouko Nakagawa, Hikari Shiina. He has also done arrangement work for Kikkawa Yuu, Watanabe Mayu (AKB48) and Hirano Aya.

As a pro-active DJ, he has been featured at various concerts and conventions, including Rock in Japan Festival 2012/2013 and Countdown Japan 2012/2013. Overseas, he has played at Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games and Singapore’s Anime Festival Asia as well. Recently performing at Hawaii’s Kawaii kon and Mexico’s Expo TNT, Australia’s Vocaloid Night, Korea’s Animix.

He released the newest album “Twinkle World” from TOY’S FACTORY in August 27, 2014. We can’t take our eye off of his coming acts and works in 2015. *MMD: abbreviation for “Miku Miku Dance”. Miku Miku Dance is a free software to operate a 3D character model to create animations.

Official HP:

twitter URL:




DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING a.k.a. Yuyoyuppe

When creating electronic dance music, DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING is the alter name of Yuyoyuppe. He makes vocaloid music and these releases can be found on SoundCloud as well. His skills lies in remixing music of different genre, be it JPOP, SFX, Anime, Idol or Western.

Influenced by Skrillex, DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING specializes in high pitch and sharp sounds, with dubstep and brostep music forming the basis of his repertoire.

DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING has started appearing on Dwango-organised VocaNikoNight since their first show. Due to the numerous releases of VOCALOIDREMIX during the show every time, he became the talk of the town. With VocaNikoNight as the main focus, he continued his DJ activities and also performed with DJ KOO from TRF. Because of this performance, he was asked to record a remix for “Unite! The Night!” for TRF in their official 20th anniversary tribute album.

DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING is also the official remixer for BABYMETAL and was in charge of remixing “MEGITSUNE” and “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!”. He also remixed for groups such as’s “Dendenpasshon“ , CTS’s ”NO REASON” and ”Beautiful Love World”, Dream5’s ”It’s a small world” and Nirugirisu’s ”LOVE STICK”.

In addition, DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING was the lyricist, music arranger and composer for the theme song “Blue Field” and character song “Expose” for the anime “Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova”. He also helped out with Mito Gotochi Idol Kakkokari in their songs, “Ume” and “Sou”, and remixing of music in commercials nationwide.

Other than proactively making his appearance in overseas Japanese conventions, he also performed at music festivals such as “COUNTDOWN JAPAN” and “ROCK IN JAPAN” in Japan.

DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING’s first album created a hype when it was released because it achieved first position in Amazon’s dance chart ranking even though it was self-produced.

Official Homepage:



New rising cosplay star in SEA, Angie has cosplayed more than 100 anime characters since 2008, with each cosplay more impressive than the last through her portrayals of each character. Currently with a whooping 30,000 Facebook fans, she has attended multiple international cosplay event., Angie proves to hold strong support from cosplay fans in South East Asia with her anime like features.



Ying Tze

Gaining a legion of fans all over South East Asia, Malaysian cosplayer Ying Tze never fails to stun her fans with her cosplay creations. Stunning hand-crafting costume, YingTze graduated from a lead fashion design school in Malaysia. Utilising her fashion design background, every costume she made are tailored to fit. With her rising Facebook fans from last years 3000 likes to 23,000 likes in less than a year, YingTze is not just famous in her own country, but all the way to Indonesia and Philippines.

Official Facebook page:

Official WorldCosplay page:



Part of a cosplay duo with Baozi, Hana is the adorable make-up wizard of the pair. Hailing from China, they are both frequent guests/judges for anime conventions and cosplay competition within the country.




Baozi forms the second half of the Chinese cosplay duo with Hana and is a prop-making fanatic. Their cosplay photos have been featured in many cosplay magazine such as “拓普志” and “菠萝志”.




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