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Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise…

Only recently I’ve been notified of the existence of this LEGO set, along with the discovery of a new LEGO store on my island. :3c

Paying a visit to the aforementioned specialised LEGO store netted me another impulse acquisition. 


Prior to this, my collection of LEGO 7965 Millennium Falcon on Star Wars Day last year had me eager for some Stormtrooper minifigs due to the lack of them in the set.

75078 Imperial Troop Transport (ITT) hails from the currently running 3D CGI series Star Wars Rebels (Timeline set just before Episode IV), of which this particular vehicle was based upon.

In truth, Rebels!ITT was itself derived from a classic Kenner figure design, not really canon to the movies at the time. 


The set comes with a couple sachet of bricks, a 2×12 stud piece as well as its instruction manual.


Significantly smaller and in cuter chibi scale than its series counterpart, the ITT is nevertheless a sight to behold.

The clear parts near the top of the front part of the vehicle is supposed to be the ITT’s cockpit with a couple of cannons or sort just below it.


A close-up at them details (Details? What Details?) at a couple of angles on the vehicle itself.

While the LEGO version carries a total of four Stormtroopers, it is nowhere show-accurate to neither the Rebels series nor the classic Kenner figure: ITT carries six troopers at its sides, with a couple of drivers and an Imperial officer within the cockpit.

Of course you can’t put any minifig in the cockpit in this LEGO version… XDc   


The ITT sports a couple of flick missiles atop of the rear end of the vehicle, on a swivel plate allowing rotational movements. 


To live up to its name, each sides of the ITT have a standing platform coupled with hinged panels to hold each Stormtrooper in place.

You can also stash their blasters on a piece just behind their standing position. 


A removable storage compartment/crate allows you to stash the four extra 1×1 round pieces as well as the extra grey trigger piece for the blasters. 


The ITT comes with a squad of four (FOUR!) Stormtroopers for you to play with. :D

They are basically identical to one another, from the body to the blasters to the helmets, with the exception of two different sets of heads (Two disgruntled faces and two neutral faces), most like comes from the older Clone Troopers sets.


Speaking of the blasters, the newly introduced (Albeit oversized) weapon comes a gimmick that allows you to kinda launch the clear red 1×1 round piece from its slot by pressing the grey trigger piece, emulating a laser shot.

Be careful when you do that tho as the piece is easily flung at a modest distance away… I lost on of the piece when I tried it for the first time… :/ Good thing the set gives you an extra piece…


Now that I have a squad of Stormtroopers, I can finally re-enact the escape scene from Episode IV… ^_^

Well, maybe still missing a C-3PO… orz Oh hey, at least I got an R2-D2 from the other Star Wars set


“This is not gonna work.”

“Why didn’t you say so before?”

“I did say so before.”


“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

Oh just a silly Chewie doing the LEGO Star Wars disguise thingie at the background… :P 


A pretty solid depiction of the series’ vehicle I must, eventho it’s not actually spot on. 

Justified since my main goal is the Stormtrooper squad itself, not the transport. :P


Value-wise, since each minifig costs about RM 20 – RM 30 in average on my island, the RM 69.90 set is very affordable, considering the usual marked-up prices this part of the world. 

Anyway, there’s another upcoming LEGO set I’m eyeing upon, the 76031 Hulkbuster Rescue Mission which will be released this mid of March… 


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