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Numbered 444 (Was hoping for 25252 due to her favourite quote, oh well…) in the series, Nendoroid Yazawa Nico finally made her way to my hands after much hiccups between me and my supplier’s busy schedule to meet up for collection.


I’ve been waiting for 25252 to become a Nendo for quite some time now.

Good thing she’s the 1st in line amongst the 9 members of her group. XDc

Pretty much a very standardised Nendoroid, lacking major accessories and parts aside from a few pairs of arms, a bended leg, a single face plate and the usual clear Nendo base. 


Interchangeability between the shoulder sleeves, arms and hands helps a lot in posing this extremely adorable rendition of the Idol Research Club president and third-year student in Otonokizaka Academy.

「あなたのハートに にっこにっこに-☆」


She is extremely cute in Nendo form, that’s no mistake… Can’t really say about her actual personality though… XDc

Love the way her ribbons are moulded in separate ball joints apart from the Nendo-jointed twintails, allowing a much higher degree of movement.


25252 comes with an alternate face plate, depicting her mischievously cute winking expression. 



If you order your 25252 from Good Smile Company Online Shop, you’ll be given some extras in the form of a couple of fold-able platform panels and a specially printed Nendo base.


The added exclusives are supposed to be used in conjunction with others (Included with each members of μ’s, announced and upcoming…) to form platform of sort of live stage. 




Unlike enthusiastic Love Livers, I won’t be collecting all members of μ’s, save for this one only. w


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