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「Only a Fool Trusts His Life to a Weapon!」

Pretty ironic considering him carrying a katana himself… www

Following after Solid Snake (Being ‘number one fan’ of his after all… XDc), Cyborg Ninja finally received his proper action figure treatment (Aside from his larger Play Arts Kai counterpart, which unfortunately I’ve managed to miss during the pre-order AND release days)…


Cyborg Ninja AKA Frank Jaeger (Hunter), another iconic character in the 1998 Tactical Espionage Action game Metal Gear Solid, is the 2nd in line after Snake under the Micro Yamaguchi revolMiNi line.

Unlike Solid Snake, the revolMiNi Cyborg Ninja only comes with a handful of optional parts, including his H.F. (High Frequency) Blade and the Arm Cannon.


Likewise, Cyborg Ninja is a pretty solid (No pun intended) figure, with a fine sculpt and incredible metallic paint job from head to toe.

I especially like how the exposed spine on his exoskeleton looks. 


As expected from an action figure from Revoltech background, poseabilities are cool and natural.


Given his main choice of weapon is none other than the H.F. Blade itself, you would think posing him will be limited but it’s in fact the other way around… www


「I’ve come from another world to do battle with you.」


Cyborg Ninja also packs his Arm Cannon as seen from the climax of the game itself.

Installing the Arm Cannon is pretty much straight forward: removing the right hand and slot in the Arm Cannon along his forearm. :3c 


「A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!」


Goes without saying Cyborg Ninja will probably be my most prized out of my collection of Metal Gear Solid series figures.

Next in line from the series will be Venom Snake from the upcoming game The Phantom Pain. 


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