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Yesterday was the Eve of Christmas, where many celebrated with their love ones and families, consuming large amount of KFC no doubt, especially in Japan, later known as KFC day/night today. XDc 


Why is KFC have anything to do with Christmas anyway? 

Well apparently, it is close to impossible to get any turkey for the occasion in Japan, and at a fateful Eve during the 70’s, a foreigner went to the restaurant to get some chikins for her party, lamenting on the fact that she was turkey-less for that night.

The management took the opportunity and went all out promoting their original recipe to the Japanese masses with the catch phrase “クリスマスにはケンタッキー (Kentucky for Christmas; KFC was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken back then…)”, and the craze caught on, sealing the fate of them flightless birds decades on… 

I also had a meal of Kotoburd Fried Chikin last night. XDc 


Finger Lickin' Good

Back to the present, I had a visit to a local mall yesterday for a glimpse at a certain grand world tour of a mob of 1600 Papier-Mache pandas, made by a French artist named Paulo Grangeon. w


These on-going tours since mid-year are made to bring the public a serious awareness of the current known numbers of the surviving pandas (1600, duh…) all over the world and the effort to preserve these near-extinct monochrome creatures…

These pandas have been travelling all around the globe and have finally landed on my island at last.


Unfortunately, it seemed to me there were only 300+ pandas there, with the rest no where to be seen… :/ Oh well…

They remained only for about 6 hours (Depending on site and weather condition) here before being sent off again to other locations, continuing their journey. w


Merry Christmas everyone!

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