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Procurement of Loots at AFA14

Acquisitions in my pilgrimage?

You bet!


Seems like I got more stuff than anticipated, pretty much more than what I did from earlier years… orz 

I never got myself to keep any of those tix from previous AFA visits, due to them being paper printouts that you had to wear all day long during the event. By the end of the day they were all but destroyed… ^^;

This year’s however were made out of rubbery PVC or something, at least much more durable than last time. So this round I got to keep them even after wearing them for days. XDc


One of my pre-AFA acquisitions. I went to a local mall during my stay in the Lion City to collect this PSVita game that I’ve wanted to get for some time now.

Phantasy Star Nova is an in-universe single player oriented side game of Phantasy Star Online 2, of which I’ve logged in daily religiously for the past three years (Almost) now… XDc

I’ve already finished the main story by now, so it’s only more grinding for more materials ala Monster Hunter from now on…


If you have visited Niconico Kunikaigi‘s site during AFA14, you can actually get yourself a customised Niconico pass printed directly on-site. ^_~


I was wandering around the doujinshi area before my eyes caught a glimpse of a certain foxy Servant. Had to acquire her immediately. And I did. www

Also added another Kongou button badge to my growing collection that are attached onto my Kongou sling bag…


Been meaning to acquire a Haruna T-Shirt ever since CFMini, but my size was out of stock. Same thing during COSPAR³ too.

Finally got my elusive kanmusu the this round… XDc Third time’s the charm it seems. :Dc


Another gem from the Creators Hub. Got this daki cover of lovely Kongou from Daiyaku of the SMLJ Blue Bird infame… XDc

Hopefully they’ll do a CastKitsune daki in the future too…


Had a stroll at the Bushiroad booth, ended up with a couple of Love Live! merchandise… ^^;

Picked up this rubber strap blind box with not much expectations, hoping to strike a foxy KKE or a panda 25252. Got the 25… Me and my 25252 luck… XDc

Also got meself this foxy KKE pass case because, why not?

Nice for Bushiroad to include a poster or sort promoting their School Idol Festival mobage, of which I’ve played the English version since earlier this March…


Just a couple of weeks before the pilgrimage, I saw this kimokawa Zergling plushie from StarCrafts (A fun and comedic StarCraft parody web animation) on sale on Blizzard store.

I was about to order one when I realised the shipping will be as much as the plushie’s price tag! Luckily the shipping fees are the same for any number ordered, and a comrade in the Lion City offered to order one for me since he wanted one as well.

Dat droopy licky tongue and poseable chibi wings… XDc


Speaking of plushie, another one brought to me by a visiting comrade from Brunei. XDc

This Kotoburd (Kotoribird) is a word-play parody of Minami Kotori from Love Live! and she is cute as a, well, burd…

To my surprise, the maker of the plushie included a badge and a bunch of strings and an instruction on how to shibari the burd… ^^; 


Lastly, a small collection of meishi that I got from my three-day visit to AFA14… 


Whew, that concludes all my reports on AFA14…

Tonight’s a big night for many loveburds and families since it’s X’mas Eve.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your KFC, everynyan!w


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