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Doujinshi Area and Niconico Kunikaigi of AFA14

More commonly know as the Creators Hub, local doujinshi scene flocked this particular area at the even halls to showcase their impressive fan arts and original creations.


Posters, art books, photo books, button badges, accessories, dakimakura covers, T-shirts, etc… You can find them all here!

So many comrades throng the area in search of their favourite artworks and merchandise, on sale at the doujinshi area!


‘Weapon’smith booths were scattered all around the area too.

Dakimakura covers seem to take a larger presence this year when compared to past AFAs.


The infamous SMLJ Blue Bird from Daiyaku doujin circle, if you know what the abbreviation means. www

Elsewhere, the battle between neko and inu were broken out at CDS doujin booth. 


Aside from the usual suspects like Kantai Collection, The Idolm@ster and Sword Art Online, there were sightings of Western stuff (RWBY for example) in the doujinshi area. 


Allocated a huge area off the event halls, Niconico staged a national meeting between the Land of the Rising Sun and the Island of the Puking Fishy Lion. w

Everything that happened in this area are actually live streamed to Niconico Douga, and participants can interact with their Japanese counterparts live too!

Concerts and contests held in this area are very, very hot-blooded and amusing to be a part in. =w=


One of the main attraction at the Kunikaigi area was this experience zone where you can strap on and feel the 3DMG as seen in Shingeki no Kyoujin. w

I didn’t actually try it but from the mouth of a fellow comrade, it’s basically you trying to balance on the bungee thingie, using your hips as support…


Ever since Sword Art Online, everyone’s been trying to replicate that Nerve Gear experience, one way or another.

Now Oculus Rift let you experience the SAO world through a short guided sequence where you can actually turn your head to see around, through the eyes of Kirito in the virtual in-game world.


An experience zone for the All-stars-anime-chara-from-Dengeki-magazines fighting game Dengenki Bunko Fighting Climax.

Players can test their skills against Japanese players live through Niconico!


The Forever Arone One-Person Karaoke Box where visitors can test their vocal range live on Niconico.

You don’t have to be actually be alone to enter the booth though. :P

Those just outside the booth can actually see the live stream too. w INB4 flood of text walls. 


Niconico’s very own sales booth, selling T-Shirts and plushies and more…

You can also had them printed out your Niconico stalker resident account’s info as an ID card free of charge too! 


A dark planetarium or sort was built just beside the stage, allowing comrades to crawl inside (20 persons per session) and witness a couple of Vocaloid MMD videos being projected onto the inner walls of the dome itself. 

We were treated to Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Kinda fitting for a planetarium BTW, since the lyrics do invoke names of constellations) from Bakemonogatari and Nyan Cat, but all performed by Vocaloids …


Special panels were set up near the stage for visitors to leave their mark in the event. XDc


On my next post: Standees. Yes you see that right, standees! www


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  3. 刁民俊

    I got to say, I like the way you covering the event. Detail, is everything.

    7th January, 2015 at 22:15

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