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Exhibits and Stage of AFA14

It’s finally the start of my main report on my pilgrimage to the South.

The following few posts starting with this one will consist of segmented reports on all three days of AFA14, and may or may not specifically mentioning which day is which.


Arriving at the scene at about 0700 hours on the first day, I find the 3rd Floor ticket booth already starting to see its long lines forming.

It looks like these guys will not be able to join the queue at the entrance any time soon as ticketing sales will only begin close to the opening hours… 

The entrance at the 4th Floor of Suntec City Convention Centre.

Looks like they’ve finally installed the “Youkoso!!” onto the arch. w


Peeking at the entry point which is located at Hall 404, you can already saw a mass of waiting queue staged in front of the closed doors.

Good thing I can walk through the gate without having to wait for the opening hours on the 1st day. For the remaining two days I relied on my early camping skill to manage myself just in front of the doorway, thus earning me the privilege of entering the halls as soon as they are open. w


As soon as the door opens, you can pretty much see Ultramen, Supermen, The Flashes, Sonics, etc speeding towards their intended destination for a chance to get their guests/artistes autograph tickets.

Like past year, you’re entitled to get a signed poster or sort from your favourite guests/artistes if you spend a certain total on their merchandise, thus the Zerg Rushes.

Anyone not able to get inside the halls early will most likely unable to get their hands on the autographs.


Anyways, here are the piccies of all the display wallpapers all around the event halls.

Visiting guests/artistes signed their own poster/wallpaper located at their agency’s booths. 


Current and future anime series’s posters and wallpapers scattered around various booths promoting them.

Very much lookin’ forward to the Kantai Collection anime next month! ^w^

Again, AFA officials have their own booth complete with their own mascot AFA-kun and newcomer Seika-chan. Photobooks of various cosplay guests are available here as well aside from AFA related goods. 


Meanwhile, one of Animax’s booth mascot balloon Oo-kun managed to gain freedom, but drifted high above the ceiling of the halls, no longer able to move as it please.

At least until it run out of air a few days later… XDc


Back to the booths, here are a dozen of them participating ACG related industry giants in the event.

You can really see much efforts are injected towards each of their own booth.


Elsewhere, this miniature UAV seems to be hovering around capturing the flow of the event in its built-in camera all days long. w


Aside from the exhibition halls, the Stage Events were extremely and surprisingly incredible this year! Since no photography/videography/recording are allowed during all sessions, I’ve only managed to take these trio of pics to show off just how packed the stage area was as soon as it opened each day.

I’ll summarise my experience of the stage events for all days below:

Itowokashi, Day 1 – Pretty upbeat concert by the duo. Many fan girl screams XDc

No Game No Life, Day 1 – A bit disappointed at Tsugutsugu not showing up here but at SAOII instead, but we did get a lot of info on the anime itself. The Kantoku is a Steph-mania. www And nope, no relations at all between Nogenora’s Sora x Shiro and Pet Kanojo’s Sorata and Mashiro, eventho both pairs were voiced by the same pair of seiyuu. w

The Idolm@ster, Day 1 – Surprise three-song-concert by the trio, Imai “Mingosu” Asami (Kisaragi Chihaya), Numakura “Nunu/Nu-san” Manami (Gahana Hibiki) and Hara “Haramin” Yumi (Shijou Takane). :3c Apparently Mingosu is super genki IRL but her chara is a cool beauty while Nu-san is the exact opposite (GDI that HAISAI~). Haramin and her sexy-sounding Engrish ramen is <3…

Starchild, Day 2 – Beary (Pun purposely intended) awesome Kuroko Arai Satomi! She sounded just like her chara IRL as well! Too bad Kanemoto Hisako is a bit subdued in this panel, but great nonetheless. Oh and we were treated to the PV of the next season of the 3DCG anime Knights of Sidonia: Battle for the Planet 9.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Day 2 – “I ask of thee, art thou my Master?” We were also given some spoilers for this week’s episode and the last episode via their conceptual arts and scripts.

Bushiroad’s Love Live!, Day 2  – Mimorin (Sonoda Umi) and Soramaru (Yazawa Niko) playing LLSIF live! Mimorin only tackles an N Snow Halation while Soramaru almost FC’d her H Natsuiro. Livers were at all time high during this session. This session is also unofficially called Bo Jolno (As in Bo Jio Jolno, AKA “didn’t invite Nanjo Yoshino”, the seiyuu of Love Live!’s Ayase “KKE” Eri. Jolno appears as fripSide of the Anisong session though.) by the Livers.

Noragami, Day 3 – Im@s’s Imai Asami returned as the panel’s invited seiyuu guest, where we were shown a couple of popular scenes from the anime. All four of the guests had drawn their personal fave chara from the anime itself on their given shikishi. The shikishi will be given as a prize via a lottery contest currently held on AFA’s official FB page.

Psycho Pass 2, Day 3 – Nothing here except a screening of that week’s episode of the anime. I used the period to play my LLSIF. XDc Upon brief inspection of the episode, I’ve concluded that this anime is not to my liking at all. Glad I didn’t pick it up in the first place.

Sword Art Online II, Day 3 – Tsugutsugu and his various expressions of “YES!”. He was quite a shy person all along the session. w He said he got nervous beforehand and broke one of the mics w.

HoriPro, Day 3 – Hory sheet how or where to start… May’n gave us Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime’s Universal Bunny as soon as the session started, followed up by single-song-concerts by Azuazu and Hasshi. Ended with a the trio along with Kasai Tomomi in her Misamisa cosplay singing a piece from the upcoming Death Note Musical.

I Love Anisong Artiste Appearance, All Days – We get a brief meet and greet session of each night’s anisong artistes during panel intermissions everyday, usually afternoon. The most memorable of them all has to be Hocchan’s “Hello, I am Horie Yui. I am 17 years old!” www Finally get to meet KitaEri and Hocchan in the flesh, one of my life’s goal completed.  =w= 


BEST. STAGE. EVENTS. EVER!! Thanks to that I’ve used up half of my each day’s visit just to camp within the stage hall!

Up next: figure and merchandise displays from the above participating booths!


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