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Eventful Stages at AFA14

More news from the front lines!

The AFA Stage Events are going to be a blast from the looks of it, with more seiyuu appearances, a song writer’s attendance, and finally HoriPro returns again fresh from last year’s success with their group of attached artiste invitees! 


While Emitsun is busy with her Phantasy Star Online 2 On Stage performance which falls on the same dates, Mimorin and Soramaru will once again attend AFA!

Love Livers will be so pleased to hear this… XDc

Special Stage Event: Love Live! School Idol Project


Join the cast of μ’s from Love Live! – Suzuko Mimori (as Umi Sonoda) and Sora Tokui (as Nico Yazawa), to find out more about the Love Live! project and the popular Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game!

μ’s is a school idol group let by Honoka Kosaka, the main character of “Love Live! School Idol Project”. The group consists of 9 members and they appear not only in the a TV series animation, but also in the real life–the voice cast of μ’s perform events such as live concerts. AFA’s guests, Suzuko Mimori and Sora Tokui are the members of μ’s.

Mimori Suzuko

A Tokyo native, Suzuko Mimori is represented by Bushiroad Media. As Umi Sonoda, she provides the singing voice for her character as well for the series, including those released under the sub-unit lily white, on top of those released under μ’s.

Tokui Sora

From Chiba Prefecture, Sora Tokui is also represented by Bushiroad Media. She plays the role of Nico Yazawa, who captivates the heart of many with her signature catchphrase “Nico Nico Nii~”.

Both of them will be performing as part of μ’s at their concert at Saitama Super Arena in 2015. Furthermore, we can look forward to the animation movie in the near future. Do enjoy their appearance at AFA 2014!

Sound Horizon Special Screening Special Guest: Revo




Revo (Sound Horizon/ Linked Horizon)- songwriter, composer and arranger.

Revo is known for leading 2 projects: His original project “Sound Horizon” and collaborating project “Linked Horizon.”

Sound Horizon, which celebrates 10th anniversary this year, is a fantasy band – a group of artists led by its creator Revo. In order to express his original and fantastical story musically, he gathers and organizes talented artists, without restriction, reservation or regard to the number and gender of singers and storytellers. Sound Horizon’s music is called “MONOGATARI ONGAKU (story music).” Based on the stage setting, stories are represented and depicted through the medium of the poem, song, storytelling, sound effects, and so forth. The music is expressed in “suite form”, as each album represents one individual suite.

Where “Sound Horizon” is wholly original, his other project “Linked Horizon” finds collaboration and expresses its story in music. In 2013, “Linked Horizon” collaborated with a massively popular animation called “Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan).” He wrote two theme songs: one went on to be his most well-known called “Guren no yumiya” (for 1st season) and “Jiyu no tsubasa.”(for 2nd season); and his second single CD “Jiyu eno shingeki”(includes those 2 songs) which has sold around 260,000 copies.

Program outline:

Revo’s original project, Sound Horizon released the treasured Blu-ray & DVD “The Assorted Horizons” as one of his 10th anniversary special works last June in Japan.

To celebrate Sound Horizon’s 10th anniversary, the screening the theatrical edition of “The Assorted Horizons” will take place at AFA 2014, with a special talk session featuring Revo about this movie and his other project Linked Horizon who sings “Gren no yumiya,” the theme song of a massively popular animation called “Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan).”

The special screening and Revo will take place at the main stage of AFA on Thursday, 4 December. Access to the stage for Thursday comes bundled together with E+S access for Friday 5th December. If you already hold Friday VIP or Standard tickets, you can already attend this special event! E+S ticket sales will begin shortly. Details will be announced soon!


Sound Horizon official website:

Sound Horizon 10th Anniversary Special Site:

Sound Horizon Official Twitter:

Linked Horizon official website:

Linked Horizon Official Twitter:

HoriPro Presents: Special Artiste Showcase


Experience HoriPro’s extensive artiste portfolio as they bring to you a special feature on stage at AFA 2014. Not only will they be featuring familiar faces related to anime, but they will also be featuring new faces that are renowned in the Japanese entertainment industry. Joining us at AFA 2014 are (in alphabetical order):

Ohashi Ayaka


The Finalist of HoriPro’s Voice Actress Audition in 2011.

As a voice actress, she got her first main role in TV animation “Eureka Seven AO” in 2012. Then she got roles for various popular productions including TV animation “Aikatsu!” and Smartphone app “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS”. In July 2013, she took a role in TV animation “Fantasista Doll” as a heroine for the first time. She released her first single “YES!!” in August, 2014, which was a main theme song of TV animation “SABAGEBU!” in which she performed a main role. Thereafter, her voice acting field has been extended to a wide range of genre including animation and gaming.

Main Works:

SABAGEBU! (as Momoka Sonokawa)

RED EYES SWORD (a.k.a. Akame ga KILL!) (as Kurome)

Aikatsu! (as Ran Shibuki)


Eureka Seven AO (as Fleur Blanc)

mangirl! (as Ringo Nishijima)

Fantasista Girl (as Uzume Uno)

Tesagure! (as Kohaku Tanaka)

and more


Ayaka Ohashi Official HP:

Ayaka Ohashi Official Blog:

Tadokoro Azusa


The Grand Prix of HoriPro’s Voice Actress Audition in 2011.

As a voice actress, she took a role in TV animation “Aikatsu!” and Smartphone app “THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE!”. Stretching her voice actress activities from animation, gaming and radio, she is also active as a singer performing on various stages. As an artist, she sang the main theme of game content “Seisono Amazones”. She released her first album “Beyond Myself!” from Lantis. Also her first tour in Tokyo and Osaka will be held this December. This is the second time for her to participate in AFA following last year.

Main Works:

So I Can’t Play H! (as Muneo Meshiyori)

Aikatsu (as Aoi Kiriya)

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job (as Fino Bloodstone)


Tokyo ESP (as Murasaki Edoyama)

and more


Azusa Tadokoro Official HP:

Azusa Tadokoro Official Blog:

Kakizawa Hayato


DOB: October 12, 1987

Kakizawa is one of the young generations who lead the Japanese theater today. He made his debut in 2007, as an ensemble cast of Jesus Christ Superstar in Shiki Theater Company, in which he soon after came to play many of the principal roles of its repertoires, including Melchior of Spring Awakening and Simba of Lion King. In 2009 he left Shiki seeking for more possibilities and joined HoriPro inc. Since then Kakizawa has been appearing in many popular plays/musicals.

His principal role credit includes Richard(Therill Me, 2011,12,13&14), Anthony (Sweeny Todd, 2013) and Romeo (Romeo and Juliet, 2013). It has been announced that Kakizawa will be playing the Light in Death Note, the musical based on the world-famous Manga which will open its world premiere in Tokyo in April 2015.


Hayato Kakizawa Official HP:



DOB:October 21, 1989

The stage name “May’n” is derived from her real name, and it expresses her hope to “sing songs that will be everyone’s main theme.” In 2008, she dubbed the songs of Sheryl Norm, Diva of the Galaxy, in the TV anime “Macross Frontier”.

When she held her first solo Budokan concert in January 2010 the tickets were sold out in one day. In March of the same year, she went on her first Asian tour, which was followed by a summer tour that was held in 17 cities in Japan.

Following the release of her 3D documentary movie “May’n THE MOVIE –Phonic Nation -” in 2011, she held her second solo Budokan concert as well as her second Asian tour at 6 cities and gained a great success. She also participated in the Japanese Culture and Entertainment Festival “Japan Expo 2011”, the largest Japanese cultural event in Europe, and astonished the fans.

In March 2012, a special concert, “May’n GO! AROUND!!” was held at Yokohama Arena and in May of that year, “Chase the world”, the opening theme of TV anime “Accel World” was released and recorded the highest sale for her works. Her first world-wide concert tour “ROCK YOUR BEATS”, which was presented in China, Germany, France Hong Kong and Japan, was also held in 2012.

In 2013, she held her third Budokan concert, followed by her acoustic tour and hall tour.

“Kyo Ni Koiiro”, the opening theme of TV anime “Inari KonKon Koi Iroha” and her 4th album “NEW WORLD” were both released in January 2014. Her latest tour, “May’n Road to 10th Anniversary Japan & World Tour, dots and lines”” started on February 23. It is the longest tour for her, traveling to Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Korea, China and Japan in one year. On June 18, her 10th single “Re:REMEMBER” was released. With her outclassing singing skills and incomparable voice, she fascinates many people and continues to be the must-see as a “Female Rock Vocalist of the New Generation”.


Official HP:

Kasai Tomomi


DOB: November 16, 1991

She is a Japanese singer and actress. Her nickname is Tomooomi-chan. After passing the AKB48’s season 2 additional audition, she joined the idol group AKB48 in 2006 and acted as a core member until she graduated in May 2013. She released her 1st solo single “Masaka” in December 2012, followed by “Mine”, “Kietaikurai” and “Imasara sara”. She is one of the most promising artists with strong commitment to live performance.


Tomomi Kasai Official HP:

Tomomi Kasai Official Blog:

Musical: Death Note


HoriPro will produce Death Note the Musical in April, 2015.

This will be the first musical ever to be sent out to the world from Japan with the powerful MANGA.

At the HoriPro showcase, Hayato Kakizawa, a Japanese musical actor who will play the role of Light Yagami in the musical, will be on stage. Also, HoriPro artists will sing a brand new musical number from the musical. We hope you will enjoy the stage and that some of you will come to Japan to see the show!!


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