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The Events at COSPAR³

Last weekend, I’ve attended a local ACG event as an exhibitor, which was held within the halls of Penang Times Square, the very same place as last month’s Comic Fiesta Mini 2014. :3c


COSPAR³, which stands for Collector Oriented Social Party 2014, is an annual event organised by the Lost Gospel Cosplay Community, a local group based on my island…

While neither as grand nor as mainstream as CFMini, COSPAR³ still managed to attract many otaku visitors and uninitiated public curious onlookers, due to the event itself being free-of-admission. www


Just near the entrance is where Tama-chan and I will set up along with many other comrades to display our collection of stuffs, from dolls to action figures to Nendo to Figma…

More on the booth on my next post, please stay tuned! 


While not as aplenty as during Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 from last month due to this event being a localised one, there are still a number of doujin circles scattered throughout the halls, many of them with fun and interesting displays to catch the eyes of potential customers… ^_^


At the other end of the halls lay the official guest merchandise booths as well as the mini stage for various events…

Many flocked to this area for a glimpse of their favourite cosplay guests, which includes Ryoya, Bao Zi, Hana, Hiko, Shiina Kaname and Akuna, as well as the seiyuu Asakawa Yuu…

Long lines were formed every time there’s a guest showing up at the booths for autographs… 


Did not really attend any of the stage events over the course of two days, only caught a glimpse of Asakawa-san’s Q&A session on Day 1…

Asakawa-san was gleefully swinging and shaking her legs back and forth all along the period she was sitting on the stage answering fan inquiries! XDc

Note that the black shirt is actually her close friend and interpreter, which is an acquaintance of mine… He also cosplayed as Yagami(Kamiya in the US) Taichi from Digimon Adventure series on Day 2… More on that on later posts… ^_~


The aftermath of a tiring day…

Some fox shed their tails and a unicorn abandoned when the closing hours is near on Day 2… XDc


As for my spoils-of-war, added another Kongou button badge onto my Kongou doujin sling bag, which already sporting two button badges from the last event a month earlier… =w=

Will probably add more during AFA14 if those doujin stuff looks good! www


Got a couple of Nendo Pajama bodies from the Hidden Horizon booth via a split (From a full box of 6 of them) with several comrade-in-arms… ^_^ 

Immediately utilised the white/sky blue one on my Nendo on display at the figurine display booth…


And a few coscards and shop business cards that I’ve managed to procure on site… 


Coming up next posting of the event: the figurine display area!


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