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The ever popular space opera idol mecha anime Macross Frontier, in collaboration with Volks, will be releasing a couple of Dollfie Dreams based upon the former’s main heroines.

A comrade from China (Or so it seems since he/she’s a Weibo user) snapshot this animangazine print showing an advert of the collab, with an illustration of  both the Galaxy Fairy Sheryl Nome and the Super Dimensional Cinderella Ranka Lee on it. ^_~

Macross Frontier x Dollfie Dream Poster

According to the print, both of them will be made into Volks’s ever popular 1/3 Dollfie Dream doll series, and will be a Pre-Order Project starting in November, similar to the likes of their previously released DD Saber (Fate/Extra) and Saber Alter instead of their usual lottery based orders… :3c

Amongst the two heroines of the anime series, the younger and more innocent Ranka Lee is my waifu fave. 

Speculations and all for now, but it would seem the default costume for the Dollfie Dream releases will be the ones featured on the illustration as printed. Sheryl would probably be a DD with L bust or a DDDy while Ranka could be a DDS with S bust? www

I wonder if Ranka’s original stage dress (As seen on my 1/6 Limited Action Figure Collection Ranka Lee Stage Dress ver.  from Megahouse which I got a few years back, as pictured below) will be released separately as an alternate outfit for purchase? I actually preferred her frilly orange dress…

Limited Action Figure Collection - Ranka Lee Stage Dress Version (21)

The official site is currently under construction. Do visit the link for more info in the future…

As for me, I’ll have a glimpse at the official photos (Once they are unveiled) before making any final decision on her acquisition, even though I’m very tempted right now…

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