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Acquisitions of a Mini Fiesta

For the past few days, I’ve covered Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 in three separate posts: the event itself, the attending musuko and musume and the loads of cosplayers roaming around.

It was an exhausting weekend, causing me body ache for the next few days after as well as a high fever… orz


Anyway, here’s a summary of what I managed to procure on site.  

A doujin sling bag featuring an artwork of smexy Kongou from Kancolle! <3 The owner of the doujin booth seems to be an acquaintance of TaK from Tomodachi T-Shirt, of which I’ve intruded for storage/rest for both days of the event … XDc

The flap itself is removable and exchangeable for other artworks sold at the same booth. ^_^


Got a couple of button badges both featuring Kongou. www

The left one is from Tomodachi T-Shirts while the right one is from the same booth where I got my sling bag. www


Got this freebie mug from the event stage.

During the early hours of  Day 1, the Femcee saw my twitching Kitsunecomimi and found it amusing, urged me to come on stage for a short skit with fellow comrade Simon… =w=


The following autographed Photobooks of the guest cosplayers Aza Miyuko and Ying Tze were actually requests from comrade Gordon and Yamada overseas.

Will pass them their loot later the year during my AFA trip.  


Lastly, several meishi/coscards I’ve managed to acquire from various booths and cosplayers I caught on site. :P 


My next event would be Collector Oriented Social PARty 3 (COSPAR³) this early November.

The venue is the very same halls as CF Mini’s. See you there if you’re attending! 


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    4th October, 2014 at 20:05

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