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Musume and Musuko of a Mini Fiesta

Continuing from the post earlier, let’s have a look at the dolls of various sizes that appear during the event last weekend on the 27th and 28th…


Most of the lovely daughters and sons were stationed at one of the doujin booth, which sells primarily doll clothing and accessories.  

Was primarily bringing Tama-chan around the event halls in my arms, but getting acquainted with the booth owner (Nice person :3c) on Day 2 allows me and a few other fellow doll owners to had our girls drop by the booth. 


Tama-chan attended the event cosplaying as Kongou on Day 1, helping out Tomodachi T-Shirts to promote their Kancolle doujin stuff in return for my intrusion for the day. w

Their Kancolle trading cards are a unique doujin stuff not seen in any where else as far as I know: You get a bunch of boosters packs full with random cards, from regulars to Super Rares to Raw Material cards. The latter can be collected to exchange with your desired Kanmusu, just like in the browser game! XDc


Tama-chan came in her Casual Outfit on Day 2, joining comrades Furry Nekomimi’s Mashiro, Simon’s Claudius and others at the previously mentioned booth. =w=


The rest of attendees, from Dollfie Dreams to various BJDs…

Many of them are hybrids just like Tama-chan! www


The last gathering before Tama-chan had to exit the station at the end of the event on Day 2. >w< 


Tama-chan will join the booth’s display in an upcoming event (COSPAR³, will be held at the very same place as CF Mini) in November. Can’t wait to see another gathering of beautiful girls and boys!

Coming up next will be the cosplayers that I’ve managed to catch with my lens. ^_~


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