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Commencement of a Mini Fiesta

Last weekend on the 27th and 28th, within the hallways of Penang Times Square, Comic Fiesta Mini 2014 successfully held its second run since last year’s Gurney Paragon success.

With a more contained and larger area for exhibits and stage events, CFMini have an entrance fee of RM 10 per day this time around unlike Gurney Paragon’s free-of-admittance.


It was but a small price to pay as there are many programmes and guest cosplayers graced this event. 

For both days, the ticketing booth at the main entrance was fully packed with eager visitors waiting for the start of the event, queuing up in wait for their turn to pay their tribute and get themselves “wrist-cuffed”. :3c


Just a few steps away from the main entrance are a couple of event displays: the floor art which can only be viewed at a certain angle; a traditional trishaw of Penang origin. www


Commercial and exhibition booths were laid across the floors of the 1st area, selling and displaying figures and merchandise. =w=


The rest of the halls are littered with various doujin booths from the region as well as locally. 


Various entries from the artwork contest held just prior to this event were displayed in a series of panels placed in between the masses of doujin booths, depicting the mascots of Comic Fiesta fame. 


One of the booth showcased a selection of hyper detailed collector figures and statues from the likes of ThreeA and Hot Toys, all of them of epic proportions. 


This Atlas from Titanfall looks incredible, complete with a not-to-scale Pilot to boot.


I especially like their Star Wars statues.

Darth Vader going Shakespearean! 


And of course the main stage event featuring the four guest cosplayers: Aza Miyuko, Angie, Misa and Ying Tze.

On Day 1, the organisers set up the talk show like an afternoon tea-time, serving the guests Teh Tarik and various local delicacies, even had them guess the local dishes and also had them spoon-fed lucky random visitors below stage. www

Oh them green eyes of the rest of the crowds when several were picked out from the audience by the cosplayers themselves.  

FYI, Aza Miyuko cosplays as Love Live!’s Sonoda Umi, while Angie, Misa and Ying Tze are Tokisaki Kurumi, Itsuka Kotori and Izayoi Miku from Date A Live!…


Ying Tze is enormous!

In one way or another… XDc When compared to her peers amongst the four…


On Day 2, there’s a Meet and Greet involving all the guest cosplayers, where 15 lucky buyers of all 4 guests’ merchandise randomly selected (Via a sort of lottery system) were invited on stage to have a Q&A plus play time as well as intimate signing and photographing session with them.


On the day, Aza Miyuko, Angie and Ying Tze are Nishikino MakiMakima, Hoshizora Rinnyaa and Ayase KKE Eri from Love Live! respectively.

Meanwhile, Misa is a foxy Ahri from League of Legends.


The guests were asked to teach the lucky 15 various things: Misa for showing off her dancing moves, Aza for her Taekwondo stances, Angie for doing the Moe Moe Kyun meal power up (She was a member of AFA’s Maid Cafe after all), and finally Ying Tze being “proposed”… Of which she gleefully rejected, twice. XDc  


There are many more stuff happening all over the halls, such as the World Cosplay Summit regional finals prelim and various stage performances, which I regrettably unable to cover as I was elsewhere stalking and roaming… XDc

Anyway, my next post will focus upon the dolls on display in CF Mini as well as those roaming around the halls with their owner. Stay tuned!


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