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Day of the Unicorn

Unveiled at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2014 recently, every Gunpla modellers’ wettest dream plamo finally got a confirmation for production.

1/60 Perfect Grade RX-0 Unicorn Gundam will feature not only its signature transformation, but also LED lighting as a separate add-on! 


Just as speculated by me and a few of my fellow Gunpla enthusiasts! 

Aside from the base Unicorn, its various armaments are also included: Shield, Beam Magnum + Ammo Cartridge, a couple of Beam Gatling Guns, four Beam Sabres and a Beam Bazooka. 

This PG will feature a greater articulation not possible on the MG version while still maintaining the accuracy of its look. A special display base is included to hold onto the vast armaments mentioned above.

Worth mentioned is the magnets used on the horn to hold them together in Unicorn mode. Aside from the signature Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode, there also seems to be a 3rd Mode mentioned. I wonder which mode is this? The final episode Crystal God Mode? XDc


There will be a total of a whopping 30 add-on LED units sold separately from the base MS: 29 for the UV-light compatible Psycho Frame and 1 for the camera eye.

Operated via switch(es?), these LEDs feature quite a number of gimmicks, including glowing camera eye, brightness adjustment for the Psycho Frame lighting and gradual light dimming/light off of the said (From Psycho Frame -> camera eye).

There’s even an auto light-up sequence, which I presume to be the starting up effect as seen during Unicorn’s first activation in the first anime movie. :3c

I’ll make sure to record such sequence in a video coupled with Unicorn.mp3 when I got my hands on it! www


While there is yet any prototype shown in the event, a full reveal will be made on the 21st of November later the year.



PG Unicorn will be released in December this year at 20,000 yen for the base UNicorn and 12,000 yen for the add-on LED units. That’s like 32,000 yen already, minus the shipping which gonna be another huge sum!

With AFA14 on the same month, Wallet-kun will not be please. :/ I’ll have to relocate my SmartDoll Chitose funds to afford this Gunpla… ^^;

3 responses

  1. Great,,, then PG full armor unicorn will be a P-Bandai.

    26th September, 2014 at 17:54

    • No doubt about it. And Banshee and Norn and Phenex, etc… www

      26th September, 2014 at 17:59

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