Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Yes! 私の実力、見せてあげるネー

After many months of waiting, the highly anticipated Ship Daughteru finally reached my harbour for maintenance!

The Nendoroid Kongou from Kantai Collection, is a regular release. However, since I got her from GSC Online Store, she comes with a couple of extras not available through normal channels.


The special sleeve cover adorn on top of the regular Nendo template package, creating a rather beautiful scene of the Nendo engaging in a raging naval battle.

You could catch a glimpse at Kongou’s sister-ship Haruna behind her, hinting of her possible Nendo release in the near future. 

The Nendoroid comes in two clear plastic trays as well as an instruction sheet.

The other GSC Online Store special (Aside from the cover sleeve), the extra base in clear blue colour with wavy ocean motif, is included in a separate bag attached under the 2nd tray.


Here’s Kongou fully equipped with her cannons backpack.  

It’s pretty much impossible to have her stand upright when fully equipped (Too back-heavy), unless you’re using her included display stand.


Time for her signature pose and battle cry… =w=

「Burning… Love!」


Each barrel on all four of her turrets on the backpack are adjustable individually, allowing Kongou to train her targets easily. Even the firing effects are include for all the cannons! :3c

The platform decks on both sides, hosting two of the turrets each, are too moveable via a Nendo joint each.

There is however one flaw present on the backpack: a single piece between the platform decks are way too easy to fall off its intended resting position as it only clings onto the joints, not directly attached.


「全砲門! Fire!」


One mustn’t forget Kongou’s tea time!

Of course the Nendo packs along her tea-cup, saucer and a seat for her to relax on while in harbour.


While you only can get one alternate face plate, this mildly frustrated wink expression really scores in terms of cuteness.

It kinda feels like Kongou getting slightly annoyed with your poking her all the time. XDc


Lastly, Kongou comes with swappable extra parts depicting her damaged version (Including partially exposed Nendo pais www), as seen in the browser game. 

Poor poor Kongou. D:


「目を離さないでって言ったのにー 提督ぅー。何してるデース?」


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