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Mini Fiesta of Comical Proportion

Once again, Comic Fiesta will have a smaller event in the form of Comic Fiesta Mini on my island. Unlike last year’s though, CFMini will be held in Penang Times Square which is just a few blocks away from my den!

Unlike last time, there will be an admission charge of RM 10 per day for entrance, which I think is fair since we have quite a number of guest cosplayers this time around. Ticketing and further info are available here.


CFMini will begin on the 27th and ends on the 28th of September, of which I’ve fine-tuned my schedule in order to attend both days in full.

There will be a quad of guest cosplayers to make appearances on the event itself. A trio of them has been announced thus far…

Angie, a regular in SEA cosplay scene, will be one of the four attending CF Mini. She has been active in this field ever since 2008 and have since cosplayed more than a hundred different chara before. 


A fashion student herself, Ying Tze is the second cosplayer confirmed to make her appearance in the upcoming event.

My 1st knowledge of her IIRC was from AFA12, when I heard she cosplayed Tama-chan and had a photo session somewhere outside the halls during my busy schedule within. It’s too bad I cannot pay a visit to her session that time. orz

Hope she’ll cosplay as Tama-chan again so I can had her carry my Tama-chan for an inception photoshoot… XDc


3rd in line is none other than Aza Miyuko, the much celebrated South Korean cosplayer and was a member of the immensely popular cosplay group SP Cats.

Her last appearance on my island was on the same day as Bon Odori 2014 in another cosplay event elsewhere, of which I had to skip the latter to prioritise the former.

Looking forward to meet her again in person ever since AFAMY12… w


There’s also another guest have yet to be announced according to the organisers.

My best bet would be Onnies though since she seems attached to Tomodachi T-Shirts, which will have a booth in the event. She have graced Cosplay Invasion III last time alongside Tomodachi too.

See you all in a month’s time!


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