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「Fate Rarely Calls Upon Us at a Moment of Our Choosing」

As quoted above on the post title, I really didn’t expect myself getting this figure at all.

Re-released as a complement to Michael Bay’s latest movie Transformers: Age of Extinction (Known as Lost Age in Japan), the Voyager Class AD-12 Revenge Optimus Prime is based upon its appearance in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2nd movie in the Movieverse), having nothing to do with the latest movie at all… ^^;

Albeit too complicated in design, I’m fascinated with the over all feel of the original Movieverse Optimus Prime ever since I saw the 1st movie, but the only good-looking figures of him are a rarity nowadays.

As mentioned, I never intend to acquire this one at all, instead I’ve placed my attention to Voyager Class AD-02 Classic Optimus Prime which is featured on the early parts of the latest movie: Movieverse Optimus Prime Robot Mode with a classic G1 Vehicle Mode.


I’ve pre-ordered AD-02 from a local store called Toon Shoppe along with a third-party mod parts set for my Fall of Cybertron Grimlock, but so far I’ve never hear any news from the store.

When asked after a couple of months of official release date of AD-02, the owner uncle of the store told me I can get a refund if I could no longer wait (Which I did) but he threw in another surprise at me when I finally pay a visit a few weeks later (I paid a visit one week prior but his shop had already closed for the day by the time I reached it).

I’ll definitely black list this uncle’s store from now on after I got the PO’d stuff since according to him I’ll give up my deposits if I cancel them, spitting all sorts of mumbo-jumbo excuses such as the local distributor being Hasbro, their Takara Tomy stocks will always be behind schedule from official release dates, blah blah blah…

This Revenge Optimus is the result of an impulse acquisition as I grabbed him when I visited another local hobby store while waiting for a movie night. 

Close-ups of various components and details on the truck. Very nice fiery paint jobs on the front part as well as bits on the rear fenders.


Levelling the rear wheels can be a little tricky if you transform from Robot Mode into Vehicle Mode, requiring mostly trial and errors to flatten the rolling tires.

There are a couple of shiny chrome plated parts on the truck thanks to Takara Tomy’s usual quality: the large fuel tanks on both sides of the truck and the hood shades just above the cab windows.

I have a minor defect on the bumper of the truck, of which the split parts are not aligned at all and tends to stay out of their intended locking slot. That aside and a loose left front wheel after transformation into Robot Mode, I cannot find many faults on this magnificent mould.



Time to transform and roll out. 

*Mechanical whirl*



Standing tall with both Battle Blades out stretched, the enigmatic leader of the Autobots exacts his charismatic aura amongst his subordinates and friends.

Basically a miniaturisation of the accurate-to-movie, larger-scaled Leader Class Optimus Prime from many years back (During the screening of the 2nd movie), the recoloured mould of Voyager Class Battle Blades Optimus Prime have a darker red and blue hue than its cheaper-looking early incarnations.


More close-ups on the details, this time in Robot Mode.

Optimus head is built on a swivel joint and has a rather limited rotation due to his thick neck. He is also featured here  in his battle-ready masked mode, reminiscent of the G1 feel instead of the Movieverse talking-mouth mode.

Worth a note are the chrome plated hood shades, which can be angled to accurately mimic their movie counterpart. Seems like a lot of collector’s review I saw out there missed this part due to the given instruction manual failing to point out that the shades can be unhooked from their slots. orz

Another not-mentioned are the rear wheels: they can be detached to form a make-shift side skirts for Optimus. This in turn allowing rotational articulation on the thigh.


The huge Battle Blades in their deployed form.


Optimus in Revenge of the Fallen takes his mêlée approach in much more frequency than the 1st movie, where he mainly uses his Barrage Cannons against the Decepticons.


Unfortunately, it is nigh impossible to neatly sheath the Battle Blades back to the forearms due to the design of the transforming bits on the said area.


At best you could straighten the whole arm and place the Battle Blade along the outer forearm.


It is however possible to tuck them away at the other direction via forced nudge here and there, but doing so will lock his arms in a V-shaped pose… ^^;

Give and take, give and take… orz


The fuel tanks mentioned earlier are actually Optimus’s Barrage Cannons.

The shiny chrome-plated really brings out the intimidation of the said ranged weapons.


Revenge Optimus comes with his movie MacGuffin, the Matrix of Leadership, an oddly shaped Movieverse counterpart of the one featured in the G1 series.

The Matrix is stashed inside the hollow space of Optimus’s chest area, revealed by unhooking the chest piece from their abdomen lock.


End of line, another great add-on of my meagre collection of Transformers.

My next-in-PO-line is Hot Rodimus from Transformers Cloud line, an e-Hobby exclusive Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime colour-scheme-re-deco of the excellent triple-changing Generations Springer mould that comes with a special comic book.

Looking forward to it…


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