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Debriefing of a Durandal

In a couple of posts from last month, I’ve already concluded my review on my Macross holy grail, the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Ozma Lee Custom).

However, I deemed it was necessary for a few comparison shots with some of my other Macross Valks. So here’s a triple shots of them together in there Triple forms… XDc

Firstly, all three Valks in their respective Fighter mode. 



Scale wise, Ozma Lee’s ride is the largest in my arsenal, followed by the slightly smaller plamo kit Saotome Alto’s VF-25F Armoured Messiah Valkyrie and the miniature Revoltech Roy Focker’s VF-1S. YF-29 really stands out due to its awesome colour scheme and custom paint job.

For more information on the YF-29, please refer to my reviews: Misadventure of a Skull Leader and Formation: Totsugeki! Love Heart!

Being a plamo kit, the VF-25F suffers from misalignment and is rather brittle and feels a little fragile at times. I had trouble during transformation trying to close the gap between the legs via the extra piece that holds the Gun Pod in place. Various things also tends to pop outta their intended sockets.

The VF-1S on the other hand had the tendency to had its wings popped outta its socket. Its tail fins are rather loose as well and tends to collapse on their own. Unlike its larger cousins, the Revoltech version doesn’t come with any landing gears so I had to dock it onto its display stand, which is kinda unsteady unless you deliberately balance it out with care.

Now onto the Chicken Walker Gerwalk mode…

Amongst the three, I really adore the armoured look on the plamo version. If only YF-29 have an Armoured Pack as well instead of just the Super Pack… :/


And finally, the Battroid mode.

In my personal opinion, VF-1S’s Battroid mode looks the best amongst the trio, as expected from Revoltech’s years of experience in mecha action figure designs. However the inclusion of Revol Joints severely limiting its poseability due to the instability of the whole figure they caused.

Aside from the different head design, the Armoured Pack and some bits here and there, VF-25F and YF-29 is basically one of the same in Battroid mode. They even share the same transformation sequence! Do note that the latter is an upgrade to the former in universe, so the similarity is not a coincidence.


That concludes the Valks comparison.


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