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Yesterday, the 1st day of the 8th month, marks the 15th anniversary since the original Chosen Ones embarked on their journey to the Digital World. Celebrating the occasion, a special event complete with live streaming from Niconico was held at Odaiba, the holy ground for all things Digimon. :3c

I kinda missed the 1st half of the stream due to still at RL work at the time, but managed to view the latter half as well as catching the early parts after the end of the streaming using the Timeshift function on Niconico.


Was utterly excited and shedding nostalgic tears as I sit through all the interviews as well as several live performance of those nostalgic OP, ED and Insert songs from both Digimon Adventure (Brave Heart, Target, Butter-Fly, etc.) and its sequel Digimon Adventure 02, performed by none other than the original holy trinity, Wada Koji (He recently recovered from his battle against cancer, kudos to his dedication to sing on this special moment even though he had minor trouble on his breathing…), Maeda Ai (AiM) and Miyazaki Ayumi!

Not to mention the appearance of the series mascot Agumon (And also the seiyuu behind both Agumon and Gabumon: Sakamoto Chinatsu and Yamaguchi Mayumi), much to the delight of the many fans on site and on stream, most of them ladies and gentlemen who’ve grown up together with the franchise. XDc

Loads of announcements during the course of the live streaming, rousing the innate flame that is the fan’s Digi-Soul worldwide.

The most exciting of the news is the confirmation of a new series, a true sequel to Digimon Adventure starring none other than Yagami Taichi, the main protag of the original!

Now a 17-year-old, what fate awaits this particular partner of Agumon? We shall see in the near future.

The climatic announcement aside, there are also many upcoming releases including a Blu-ray remaster of the original series and a Blu-ray collection of all the Digimon movies amongst other stuff.

Even the titular MacGuffin of the series, the D-2 Digivice, is getting a revamped release! Unlike the 1999 version, this 15th Anniversary version will include even the Ultimate (Mega to the English community) level of all the series main Digimon partners (Patamon -> Seraphimon, Tailmon > HolyDramon, Palmon -> Rosemon, Wargreymon x MetalGarurumon -> Omegamon, etc…).

Let’s not forget the latest Digimon game available on PlayStation Vita on 2015, with game play mechanics very much similar to Fate/Extra (CCC), which is basically dungeon RPG identical to the Persona (Shin Megami Tensei to the West) series. >w<

I’ll definitely pick this up along with Phantasy Star Nova. 

I can’t wait for the new anime sequel. So much fired up now after watching the stream.

If you don’t know, I’m an avid fan of the Digimon franchise since childhood. Even my Online persona is sculpted after them. XDc


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