Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Braving through the hazy heat of all-year-long mid-summer last weekend, I rushed towards the site as soon as I got myself ready after my RL job. Oh yes, it’s Bon Odori Matsuri once again!

There was another event at another part of the island, a cosplay event featuring guest appearance of Aza Miyuko (An ex-member of Spiral Cats and a cosplay guest during AFAMY12), which sadly fell around the same time period as Bon Odori. Had to abandon the former in favour of securing a good parking space (For the whole night) on earlier hours to avoid the incoming crowd at the latter’s…


I was an invitee of Konatsu, a local ACG group full of like-minded folks and similarly enthusiastic comrades, to join them at their picnic site under a designated canopy given to them by the organisers since many of them are part of the dance performance for the day.

It was the mid of the a hot day when I reached my destination. Only a few early Konatsu birds were already there, chatting and hammering away their sumafo playing Love Live! School Idol Festival. XDc

The main area reserved for VIPs and the organisers…

Unlike last year, a portion of the area at the front were fenced off, as seen from the distance of my camera against the seats.


The canopies holding all them game stalls that include the likes of Obake Meikyuu, Kingyou Sukui, etc.

Further behind are rows of stalls selling foods and beverages, of which you’ll need to buy using a coupon book you can get from the organisers. As expected, the price is on the rather high-end since it’s a charity event… 


The centre stage of the matsuri, where performers perform and dancers dance. :P

Rehearsals can be seen at times before the event even started.


Tama-chan finally had the opportunity to emerge from her transport, enjoying early sights of the matsuri while hanging around the canopy site. She even gets to know a Fanged Ball of Furs. w


The Konatsu was planning an early picnic actually, with various members bringing some foods and drinks for the gathering. Together, the individual offerings become a banquet of feast.

The party lasts throughout the night, with many untouched and leftovers. ^^;


Closer to the opening hours, the crowd have started to assemble.

More and more people can be seen picnicking and strolling around and between the field and the stalls. 


Back to the canopy, members of Konatsu rehearsing their dance routine in preparation for the stage later the day…

The guy in black looks as if he’s practicing martial arts though. :P


With Tama-chan here is Nemo, one of the performers who’ll be dancing on stage for the night. He is the head of Konatsu and the one who’ve invited me over to hangout along with the group. :3c

I heard he’s part of the Japanese Consulate on my island as well.


Tama-chan joined the crowd at the main stage, dancing along with the performers to her amusement.

This fox managed to gather a lot of attention from many visitors though. ^o^;;;


Tired Tama-chan asked for a lap rest, and give her one I shall. Took the time to groom her tail while at it.

Dat feel when you put your fingers amongst the bushes of fluffy fur and started to gently brush them along until the tip. Rinse and repeat. 幸せな感じ… D’awwww… 

It wasn’t long before she had to go back into her transport as the day grew old. It would be dangerous for her in the dark, I swear. :/


Didn’t stalk much Yukata bijins this year, instead while I was on my way to the stalls to get some grub, I stumbled upon this group of rori and shota bubbling each other, seemingly having much fun at it too. XDc

Dat rori smiled as soon as she saw my camera. Ara, kawaii~ ^~^


All these lights and dances as the night graced the venue…

The crowd get thicker and many enjoying the sound of music coursing through the field.


Exhausted friends and members of Konatsu gathered around the canopy for brief rest, chatting and even playing TCG while we await for the finale.


The calm before the storm, the last moments before the final stretch of the event.

While everyone were still circling the stage watching the performance, I’ve already started to prepare my camera for the Hanabi. 


Aaaaaaaannnddd the countdown begins!


Very nice display of colourful explosions.

A perfect end to this wonderful day.

Hopeful for my next visit in a year’s time!


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