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Formation: Totsugeki! Love Heart!

A continuation from last time, which is solely focused upon the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Ozma Lee Custom)’s Fighter mode, now let’s transform it into its other modes in this follow-up post.

While boasting of its triple-changing modes of Fighter-Gerwalk-Battroid, there is actually another sub-form shown sparingly in the anime, a tween of Fighter and Gerwalk which I personally called the AT-ST Chicken Walker mode. XDc


One of the perks of being a Valk is its ability to do a sudden emergency stop and/or reverse thrusts, something of which even its real world jet fighter counterparts have yet to achieve perfectly as far as I know (Please correct me if I’m wrong). 

It’s basically your average Gerwalk mode, which is why most of the time it is called as such. The only difference is the arms are not deployed, only the thrusters are detached from its initial location and brought forward as legs.

YF-29’s Engine Pods help a lot in this mode, especially when manoeuvring at hight speed yet with the much-needed agility and mobility. 

The pop-up Beam Cannon unit adds to the intimidation factor of the Chicken Walker. :P


By unfolding the arms from its slots, the standard Gerwalk mode can be realised, complete with a fully armed Gun Pod and the Armoured Shield.

Saluting the masses! 


Here’s the last stage of the triple-changing mechanics: the Battroid mode.

Aside from the different wings and head design along with some armament inclusion, this Valk is essentially a doppelgänger of the VF-25. 


The YF-29 features a limited swivel joint on its waist (obstructed by various pieces around the area, especially the mini wings on both sides of the cockpit area in its Fighter mode, now part of the lower abdomen), but due to the weight of everything downwards, it cannot hold its pose well. :/

This is the only time when I wish they would have utilised a ratchet joint or at least use a die-cast part…  

As with its predecessor, YF-29 can get access to its Assault Knife hidden in the Armoured Shield. 


I’m not sure about this but the mini thrusters attached onto each forearms looks like some sort of machine/laser gun in Battroid mode. 


While not a marksman himself, Ozma’s YF-29 can be positioned like one, providing long-range cover for his mates.

The new mono-eye visor on the new head design seems fitting as a complement to a sniper, which is more of Mikhail “Michael/Michel” Blanc’s style though. www


Accessible only in Gerwalk or Battroid mode, the VF-29 can go Alpha Strike on its enemies by launching its volley of missiles ala Itano Circus, cementing the signature Macross Missile Massacre shenanigans.

The missile pods are located on four locations: the shoulder pads and outer side of the lower legs.


Opening the hatch on the shoulder pads revealing a number of red-tipped missiles.

Since the shoulder pads are stored in such a way that it is hidden underneath the body, the missile pods are not accessible during Fighter Mode.


Along the outer side of the lower legs are a couple of missile pods, which looks very much like leg armour. w

By slightly popping them outta their slot and rotate the pods in designated direction before opening the hatches, will show rows of red-tipped missiles just like the ones on the shoulder pads, ready to make a mess outta its targets.


A closer look at the new head design of the YF-29.

The mono-eye visor, when not covering up the eyes of the YF-29, gives off the vibes of the visor on a medieval knight’s helmet. :3c


A bit disappointing at some of the weak and sort of messy smudged paint jobs but over all satisfied with the figure. I do find the shoulder pads love to pop out off its connecting socket too often when moving/transforming around. The armoured crotch part too.

The antennas on both sides of the head as well. Need to be extra careful when handling those since they are made of hard plastic and unlike earlier releases, there are no extra parts made in soft rubber this time.

That concludes my view on this magnificent piece of a transformable Macross figure. By now it’s a super rare figure with the price inflating daily. If you do have the cash reserves and love to acquire one of this Valk, do so at once, wait no further!


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