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I Ain’t Afraid O’ No Ghost

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood.

Who ya gonna call?

If it’s the Ghostbusters you’re gonna call, then you’re correct. w


Alongside LEGO 21103 DeLorean, the other set in my recent sudden acquisition list is none other than the iconic foursome and their equally eye-catching vehicle from the classic movie Ghostbusters. 

Consists of a total of 508 pieces (According to the package), the 21108 Ecto-1 is a LEGO depiction of the vehicle as seen in the movie trilogy.

This set is part of the LEGO Ideas (Recently re-named from the some what less cooler Cuusoo) series, where fan-submitted LEGO construction ideas are reviewed, and if selected, realised as an official LEGO release.


The box is similar in size to that the likes of the DeLorean set, albeit longer in length and is a flip lid box instead of the standard sealed-in box.

Standard box art showcasing beautiful shots of the produ——OMG they’ve crossed the STREAM!


Just like the other Cuusoo LEGO Ideas set, there are several unnumbered sachets of them LEGO parts in the box, as well as a nicely printed construction manual with numerous insights on the set itself, especially various tidbits about the movies as well as some info on the original fan-creator of the set.

Similarly, the manual itself is kinda thick unlike the ones from your usual releases.


As always, a look at the included minifigs of the set first.

21108 comes with all four of the ghostbusting crew on a custom build display stand (A gift from the heavens I must say as many LEGO sets with minifigs usually forgone these kinda inclusions) sporting the iconic logo, including Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz and the fourth ranger Winston Zeddemore. 

All of them donning their light brownish haz-mat with respective names and initials on them while sporting terrified expressions on their faces. XDc 


Never forget your equipment now, Ghostbusters! 

In this set you get to assemble four Proton Packs as well as a Ghost Trap to help your minifigs capturing them vengeful spirits. :3c

Too bad no PKE meters are included with the set, unless you count the communicator as one.

And of course all of them have an alternate slightly happy/normal expression on the reverse side of their head. 


And here’s the Ectomobile aka the Ecto-1, the main method of transport used by the Ghostbusters.

Unlike the DeLorean, Ecto-1’s LEGO incarnation is uncanny, easily recognisable as soon as you set your eyes on them.

Good job, fan designers! 


Here are some close-ups on many of the details on the re-purposed ambulance itself.

A messy array of gadgets and devices are installed on the roof, which while not explained of their purpose in the movie itself, actually used for installing other extras like the Proton Cannon to used against giant sized ghosts or the Super Slammer Trap for capturing ghosts en masse, as seen in the animated series as well as the 2009 video game respectively. 

And nope the side doors doesn’t open due to the design and aesthetics…


Removing the vehicle’s roof reveals the interior where you can put your minifigs inside.

However due to space constrains, you cannot really put all four of them in at once unless you remove their equipment and had one of them lie at the back, which looks kinda weird. Just look at Dr. Ray’s expression there. XDc

If you really wanna put the Proton Packs with the Ghost Trap together with the minifigs inside Ecto-1 itself, then you could only really install a couple of them inside, with Proton Pack of one of them had to be removed from the minifig itself and put at the back of the car. :/



There’s also a rumour of a possible filming of a new Ghostbusters movie, that makes it the 3rd in the series, as we celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary. XDc

Lookin’ forward to more info!



If there’s something weird and it don’t look good.

Who ya gonna call again? :P

Together with the Time Machine, Ecto-1 now lies in my display case, lookin’ magnificent and complements my messy desktop.


4 responses

  1. Good review bro. I having a mix feeling if the new show would be good tho…

    6th July, 2014 at 12:03

    • Well, they could go the Extreme Ghostbusters way and have new recruits instead of the old crews..

      6th July, 2014 at 12:27

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