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When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour…

After my last review of the LEGO Star Wars set, I thought my renewed LEGO collecting passion will die down eventually since there aren’t anything else that catches my eyes. Oh boy I was quite on the wrong channel of thinking. =w=

Not long after my last acquisition of the LEGO Jedi Interceptor set, my favourite local games/collector items distributor updated their stock with many LEGO sets. Amongst them is this familiar looking hover vehicle from my childhood memories. :3


Not long after my last acquisition of the LEGO Jedi Interceptor set, my favourite local games/collector items distributor updated their stock with many LEGO sets. Amongst them is this familiar looking hover vehicle from my childhood memories. :3

Before my mind realised what was going on, my itchy fingers already added the set into cart and checked it out onto an express way to my den a few days later.  

Oh well, back to the brick assembly!

Consists of a total of 401 pieces (According to the package), the 21103 DeLorean is a LEGO depiction of the iconic Time Machine as seen in Back to the Future movie trilogy.

This set is part of the Cuusoo (Recently re-branded as LEGO Ideas) series, where fan-submitted LEGO construction ideas are reviewed, and if selected, realised as an official LEGO release.


The box size is some what comparable to that the likes of the 75038 Jedi Interceptor, albeit it is designed as a flip lid box instead of the standard sealed-in box.

Standard box art showcasing beautiful shots of the product itself printed on all over the box.


As per all LEGO sets, there are several unnumbered sachets of them LEGO parts in the box, as well as a nicely printed construction manual with various insight on the set itself, especially various tidbits about the movies as well as some info on the original fan-creator of the set.

The manual itself is kinda thick unlike the ones from your regular releases.


As always, a look at the included minifigs of the set first.

21103 comes with the main protags of the movies, the time traveller Martin Seamus McFly (Marty) with his (Kinda oversized www) skateboard. as well as the eccentric inventor Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown (Doc), complete with his fuzzy white hair and white haz-mat outfit from the 1st movie.

Both of them features an alternate worried/you wa shokku face behind their head. 


Now to the Time Machine itself.

While not 100% exact, most of the details on the original DeLorean DMC-12 has been realised onto this LEGO incarnation. 


More close-ups on the details of the vehicle itself.

Please excuse some of the loose parts especially the pipes, only realised them errors after the photo shooting. w


Although barely held together due to the construction of this LEGO counterpart, the gull-wing doors are fully realised as well!

Within the vehicle you can see the time counter and the Flux Capacitor too!


Due to the size of this thing, You can only barely fit a single minifig as the driver.

There is simply not enough room for another passenger, and you’ll have to remove the roof along with the gull-wing doors (Not to mention the support ‘frames’) in order to install the said driver inside. :/ 


A feature of this set is the ability to convert the DeLorean into its Back to the Future II and III counterparts by adding and replacing certain parts on the vehicle.

To convert the DeLorean into its futuristic 2015 hover car version, just adjust the wheels to face down and adding  the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Several clear LEGO parts are added to support the main body, creating an illusion of the DeLorean hovering on ground. w

Not shown since I’ve forgotten, you can replace the 1985 OUTATIME license plate with the orange 2015 bar code licence plate instead. 


And now to the Back to the Future III version…

Replacing the white rims in red and adding the extra machinery above the bonnet, the 3rd version is born.

Another one of my error after the photo shoot: Mr. Fusion is supposed to be there too but I forgot to attach it. ^^; 


Amongst the three I till prefer the hover car version. XDc

The Time Machine is now lies in my display case along with another LEGO set that I’ll review by next week. Stay tuned to this blog! w


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