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Intercepting the TIE of the Jedi

Bricks and studs assembly going on a roll!

As mentioned last time, I have acquired yet another LEGO Star Wars set, just shortly after I got the 75030 Microfighters Millennium Falcon


First seen during the last of the Prequel movies (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), the Eta-2 Actis-Class Light Interceptor (Most commonly known as the Jedi Interceptor due to its heavy use by the Jedi Generals throughout the end days of the Clone Wars) is a Starfighter purposely designed to bridge the gap between the Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy. :3

The Jedi Interceptor immediately piqued my attention as soon as I saw it during the Battle of Coruscant at the prologue of  Episode III movie. 

The forked shape of the ship, its bend wing formation as well as its segmented cockpit window reminds me heavily of the TIE Interceptor of the Original Trilogy, which according to the Words of God, is intended to resemble TIE Fighter and TIE Advanced X1.

Anyway long story short, the design itself plays a huge role in coaxing me to get the Starfighter in LEGO format in the first place. www


Here’s a box size comparison against my 7965 Millennium Falcon previously acquired. As you can see, the 75038 Jedi Interceptor package is roughly one-fourth that the size of the gigantic Millennium Falcon.

Unpacking the box reveals an instruction booklet, a sheet of seal stickers as well as a trio of LEGO bricks sachets, each labelled with a number to help easing your construction.

Before we ogle at the Jedi Interceptor, let’s have a look at the minifigs included in this set first.


Here we have Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Master-in-name and a General in the Clone Wars, along with his trusted Astromech Droid R2-D2.

Anakin sports his blue lightsabre as per Jedi tradition. He also has a secondary ikemen smirk/grin face at the back of his head.

I really adore the new R2-D2’s LEGO incarnation, all those highly detailed prints on the somewhat chrome dome-head and the tube body… However R2 seems to have missing its centre, ummm, leg…


And now to the main attraction. :3c

I think I’ve gone overboard in these shots of the Jedi Interceptor…

Here’s a dozen shots of various angles on the Starfighter itself. XDc


Held together via a series of hinges on both sides of the main cockpit, the forked-slanted-wing-hull can be straightened, though not intended as a gimmick or sort. :P


Just like its movie counterpart, the Jedi Interceptor can lock its S-Foils into attack position.

A Jedi Interceptor is equipped with the titular Twin Ion Engines (As seen behind the cockpit, represented by a couple of clear blue parts), most commonly abbreviated as TIE (Well, the infamous TIE Fighters ARE a descendant from this design, according to the lore). /cues Imperial_March.mp3


Here’s a closer look at the weapons armed on the Starfighter.

As per standard issue, a Jedi Interceptor is equipped with a couple of Large Laser Cannons just in front of the cockpit, stretching along the inner sides of the winged-hull until the end of the forked front side. Another couple of Light Ion Cannons served as secondary weapons, located on both the outer sides of the Starfighter just in front of the S-Foils.   

I’m quite amused by the fact that the Light Ion Cannons are represented using black coloured Lightsabre hilt parts in LEGO form.


On its left ‘wing’, lies an Astromech Droid socket where you can dock R2-D2 in. 


Now onwards to the core of the Jedi Interceptor.

By lifting up the half tube hatch, the cockpit is revealed with Anakin in the pilot seat. w


Just behind the pilot seat, you can stash Anakin’s lightsabre parts onto the clips for storage. 


As usual, the underside of any LEGO set is lack of actual details.

Not adhering the official source (Of which Jedi Interceptors possess only a couple of Large Laser Cannons and Light Ion Cannons each as weapons), the LEGO set features a couple of spring-loaded Concussion Missile launchers located just underneath the cockpit. =w=


Anakin Skywalker staring at his inevitable future self.

Tempting fate, no? [Breathing Intensifies]


Scanning through all the current releases, I think this might be my last LEGO set acquisition as nothing else in the series caught my attention.

I guess that’s it for my LEGO collecting ways… for now…


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