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It’s the Ship That Made the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs!

It’s only been little time since my reintroduction back into the world of bricks and studs, and I’ve already landed with another set, even though it’s definitely smaller in scale this time…


Created to complement its paid iOS/Android app (Or is it the other way around?), the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters is a classic STG game where you control starships in the Star Wars universe like the X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Clone Turbo Tank, Droid AAT, Star Destroyer and of course the Milennium Falcon to lead them to victory whilst avoiding intense enemy fire on your mobile phone, as per good old STG tradition. :3c

Box size comparison against my 7965 Millennium Falcon really puts the 75030 Microfighters Millennium Falcon in shame, then again like its name sake, this Millennium Falcon is supposed to be small. :P


The tiny box has only two sachets of Lego bricks, as well as a folded instruction booklet.

Unlike its gargantuan counterpart though, the sachets are not numbered since the total of only 94 LEGO pieces shouldn’t be too numerous to confuse the likes of us. XDc


Aside from its chibi/super deformed look, this is indeed a great visual representation of the iconic Corellian Light Freighter with least amount of LEGO bricks assembled.


The Han Solo minifig included can even pilot this cute freighter via a seat just behind the cockpit. XDc


Not much gimmicks are included in this set, but you can kinda move the Sensor Dish up and down in a certain arc.


Instead of the iconic Quad Laser Cannons, you get a couple of mini Concussion Missiles.

Just like the ones on the larger set, you can kinda launch them by flicking from their slots.


As usual for a LEGO set, the underneath part of the build is lack of actual details, aside from a quad of rounded domes that serve as a make-shift landing gears.


The Han Solo minifig makes a comeback in this set, but features better detailed prints on his outfit as well as his face.

He now sports a dimple on his cheeky smirk face in likeness of Harrison Ford, the actor behind Han Solo . XDc


Unlike the Han Solo in the 7965 set though, this Solo has an alternate disgruntled/worried face behind his head.

By the way, he wield his Blaster “Han shot first” Pistol instead of the Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle of the aforementioned set. w


A size comparison to its larger 7965 counterpart…

The Microfighter is absolutely tiny!


Finally, a rather nice gimmick when combined with the larger set: By moving/replacing the Dejarik table aside, you can actually park the 75030 set WITHIN the hull of the 7965 set! XDc

Even the panels closed up nicely afterwards! You’ll have to remove Solo from his seat on the 75030 set first for this to work though…

Notice the 75030 Solo lying on the bed at the other side of the starship? =w=


A really nice alternative if you cannot afford the larger sets of LEGO Millennium Falcon, or for bringing around for outdoor photo-shooting sessions. XDc

This aside, I have another (!) LEGO set for review.

Until next time, fellow LEGO Star Wars fans, next time! :P


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