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She May Not Look Like Much, But She’s Got It Where It Counts…

If my memory serves me correctly, it’s been more than a decade since I last touch (Let alone assemble and play with) the LEGO bricks…

In my early years, I have always been fascinated by the versatility of the LEGO bricks, of which one could build almost everything as far as your imagination can go. 

Owning sets of LEGO is by no means a tough feat then or even now, as they are not really in an affordable price range and often seen as rich kids’ (And Credits-loaded collectors) toys.


Throughout my decade of absence, two of my favourites, Star Wars and LEGO, somehow merged. 0w0 And out from the union, a slew of magnificent LEGO sets based on the films has been churning out non-stop over these years, although many of them are phased out in very short period and/or are exclusives.

An impulse acquisition from a fortnight back landed me this childhood love: the LEGO Star Wars Set 7965 Millennium Falcon, the iconic YT-1300 492727ZED Corellian Light Freighter from the movies is finally mine after years of drooling at displays at various stores!

Released back in 2011 and retailed at about USD 139.99 (About MYR 460 but the set I got costs MYR 640 due to the marked-up price and shipping from half an Earth away and the hefty tax, etc), this set is actually the 3rd revision of the LEGO Millennium Falcon of same scale (7190 and 4504), fixing the drawbacks after feedbacks from many collectors and fans alike.

It is also the 6th rendition of LEGO Millennium Falcon, of which earlier ones include the 7190 Millennium Falcon, 4488 Mini Building Set Millennium Falcon, 4504 Original Trilogy Edition Millennium Falcon, 10179 Ultimate Collection Series Millennium Falcon, 7778 Midi Scale Millennium Falcon, with the 7th being 75030 Microfighters Millennium Falcon


Although slightly damaged during transition, the box set still managed to impress me with its size and weight, its length alone measures at close to the height of Tama-chan!

As per LEGO box art tradition, its overall design lacks narrow walls of text but decorated instead in vivid pictures of the actual product itself.


Unloaded from the hard cardboard box are all of them LEGO bricks needed to build this masterpiece, a total of 1,254 pieces according to the box, separated into many smaller bags labeled numbers 1 – 6 and a single unnumbered one to help easing your assembly process. 


The sheer amount of steps needed to assemble the LEGO Millennium Falcon requires 2 booklets of instruction manuals, as well as a sheet of seal stickers to apply onto some of them unprinted bricks…

All and all, it took me about 4 hours of construction to get the Light Freighter into its LEGO shape. =w= 

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_05 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_06

Before we have a look at the main attraction, let’s have a glimpse at the included minifigs, a total of half a dozen of them. On side note: it seems that in the world of LEGO collection, the minifigs are the most valuable piece in any given set.

First and foremost, the captain and pilot of the Millennium Falcon itself, the ever suave smuggler Han Solo. Wielding a standard Stormtrooper blaster rifle as seen in the movie, he always shoot first (Note the present tense). XDc


The walking carpet and co-pilot of Captain Solo, Chewbacca. He sports a rather huge Bowcaster as a weapon. 


Next on the list are the passengers from Tatooine and the Death Star.

Desert farm boy (Later turned Jedi) Luke Skywalker comes equipped with his training helmet and a lightsaber belonged to his late father.

His messy wig piece is included and he has yet another printed face on the back of his head, of which you can turn around for shows. There’s also another Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle to help him to save the Princess from her holding cell.

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_11LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_12 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_13

Death Star escapee Leia Organa, an Alderaan Princess of the Rebel Alliance who is able to take care of herself better than her rescuers.

Besides her stolen (Yet another) Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle, she also have a second printed face behind her head, just like her twin brother’s.

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_14LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_15 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_16

Finally a couple of relics from the Clone Wars era.

Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi is fully suited in his fabric robe-cape and brandish a lightsaber of his.

A pity he doesn’t come with his non-robed version of a grey wig…


On the Darker Side of the Force lies the shadowy caped Darth Vader, ready to strike his old Master down for good with his crimson lightsabre.

His scarred, grey face underneath the menacing breather-mask helmet is nicely done.

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_19LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_20 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_21

The last moment before Ben Obi-Wan sacrificed himself to allow Luke and the others to escape from the Death Star via the Millennium Falcon… 

Not bad for the number of the minifigs included as they alone already accounted for at least one fifth of the total cost of the box set according to the LEGO collectible market. :3c

However given that this set is meant to replicate the scene during the gang’s escape from the Death Star, LEGO ought to include R2-D2, C-3PO as well as a few Stomrtroopers for movie accuracy… :/


Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the iconic vehicle of the original trilogy: Millennium Falcon itself!

Overall the visual presentation is finely exact, although the LEGO designer(s) do take liberty in the size of the cockpit (It should be much smaller in comparison to its main chassis).

If you’re looking for movie-accuracy I suggest you go for the Ultimate Collector Series instead, but they are almost will cost you more than USD 1,000 second-handed since they are already out of print and very rare nowadays…


Here are more close-ups upon the details of the hull of the Light Freighter.

The gaps between the panels are quite an eyesore for many owners of this set, if enough lights shine through, one could easily see the exposed interior and what ever minifigs and stuff you put inside. 

Elsewhere, in both sides at the mid section of the Light Freighter are supposed to contain escape pods.

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_27LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_28 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_29

As mentioned earlier, the size of the cockpit it on the larger size, nevertheless it is well replicated in its LEGO incarnation.

The cockpit is designed in such a way to fit a couple of minifigs within the cockpit itself. Although it’s quite cramp, with slight adjustments you can easily fit both inside. 


While not intended as a feature, being part of the assembly, the cockpit part can be detached from the main hull and sort of act as a makeshift escape pod. :3c

The escape pods are actually located at either sides of the mid section of the Light Freighter itself as mentioned above, however there are no build-in escape pods per one of its previous incarnation.


The forward mandible of the Light Freighter’s has a hatch or sorts, which is actually part of the assembly as well.

They ought to be larger though as seen in the concept arts and the actual movie replica and all…

You can kind of store some stuff inside the hollow area, but do take care as there are some opening on the other side…


The sensor dish is located at the opposite end from the cockpit. You can swivel and turn it at will.

What is amusing to me is that the dish part of the radar is held onto the base via three droid arms. XDc


For defensive (And offensive) purposes, the Millennium Falcon is equipped with a pair of Quad Laser Cannons at its top and the other at its bottom.

They can be adjusted and rotate at will.


While not immediately visible, the top part of the ship along with the Quad Laser Cannons can be opened up to reveal the Gunners’ seats facing both ends of which you can slide out and install your minifigs on them. 


Turning the whole thing around, one can see that details are scarce at the bottom part of the Light Freighter.

Basic support frames are an abundance at this side to hold everything on top together, as this thing is quite heavy for a build of this size.


The Concussion Missiles (Four of them!) are located just underneath and between the forward mandibles…

They are being featured as flick missiles in accordance to the official design, where you can kind of launch them by flicking/releasing them from their slots.

Even if they are not spring-loaded, they can kind of be propelled a small distance away.


There are a total of four landing gears to support the weight of the Millennium Falcon, which cannot be retracted at will as they are fixed in place.

You can however detach them from the hull since well… this is LEGO.

Trivia: actual Millennium Falcon of the movies have seven landing gears in total. 


The other set of Quad Laser Cannons as per described earlier. :3c


7965 is being advertised as a play set, meaning it is not just for aesthetics unlike the Ultimate Collection Series.

You can actually flip open the panels above the Millennium Falcon to show its interiors where you can re-enact various famous scenes as seen in the movies. w


The landing ramp is present, allowing your minifigs to enter and leave the Millennium Falcon.

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_48LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_49 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_50

At the other side of the Light Freighter is the smuggler’s compartment, where Han Solo can hide his goods as well as fugitive passengers.

That conspicuously suspicious red lever. It is true that a Stormtrooper’s helmet really limited their line of sight if they couldn’t even notice this during their search. XDc

LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_51LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_52 LEGO_Star_Wars_7965_53

There’s a compartment between the front mandibles that allows you to store unused stuff and/or minifig. However once closed there’s big enough of an opening present underneath the red parts that may spill the contents at the side.

I wonder why the designer failed to include a few pieces that blocks such opening. All he/she need is a couple of adequate LEGO bricks place underneath that red parts… :/


Two beds allow your tired minifigs to rest during their constant Hyperspace trips around the galaxy.


Near the beds is a sort of a machinery that I don’t quite recall what it really is for, but do present in the movies I believe.


On the other side are a series of computer control panels and consoles.

Lots of details there and best of all they are all preprinted onto the bricks, not seal stickers that you have to apply on during assembly!


Just beside the computer consoles are a bunch of seats and the holo-chess game table of Dejarik, of which Chewbacca had a match with R2-D2 in the films as C-3PO spectates.

As stated earlier, the lack of R2-D2 and C-3PO kind of hamper the experience. It’s quite strange that the predecessors have them but not this one. However I do appreciate the inclusion of Darth Vader in this one. :3c


Near the rear side has a couple of Hyperdrives engines (?) as well as an array of tools.

The white container in between the drives can be used to store some smaller stuff.


At nearby area, Luke can go up against this gigantic (!?) Remote Droid in his Jedi training on blaster defence using his lightsaber, under supervision of Obi-Wan. 


There are quite a number of left-over (Or if you prefer, extra…) parts bricks unused in the assembly of the Corellian Light Freighter. :3c Looks like there are more than a total of 1,254 pieces in this box set…

Would still keep them as spares for when some of the similar bricks gone mysteriously missing, which is quite a norm in the Way of the LEGO.

Actually, maybe I can use them to build a makeshift wall in that compartment between the front mandibles. Hmmm, that sounds plausible to me. =w=


Last but not least, today is the Star Wars Day, celebrated by fans from a galaxy far, far away. :3c

May the 4th is a homophone of the catch phrase in the Star Wars movies and their subsequent Expanded Universe (Which unfortunately is deemed no longer canon per the announcement recently made by the officials, specifically Lucasfilm under orders of their new master Disney…) of various mediums: “May the Force be with You”.

LEGO Darth Vader decided to Force Choke you in celebration of this occasion. XDc

May the 4th be with you, always… :P


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