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タマちゃんの礼装 Ver. 2.22: You Cannot (Stop) Upgrade

The never-ending version-ups of my beloved Tama-chan continues, with several more modifications as well as newly made replacements adorn this lovely foxy miko, further enhancing her resemblance to her original concept art of Fate/Extra, the PSP JRPG of whence she originally appeared in…


During the events of the Saint Valentine’s, Tama-chan unfortunately had an uncomfortable staining, causing her to undergo intense treatment for the following couple of months… orz 

She’s feeling much better now, with most of those staining gone and/or getting milder you can barely notice them now…

Anyway, earlier this year I’ve received Tama-chan’s latest upgrades from the Postal Dude.

Remember the yawamune upgrade I had on Tama-chan from Red Cyclone? Well it’s something similar but from a different maker.


Red Cyclone was a 2nd hand adoption, and its skin colour looks more yellowish due to aging. Thus the decision to get a replacement, this time from Wersaze via Taobao.

The newly acquired yawamune is said to be roughly the size of a DD2 Shapely L, and is much, much softer in feel. *=w=*  

Initial powdering to remove the sticky stuff on the surface of the yawamune was really a chore. But once done, it’s quite a sight after installing it onto Tama-chan’s torso…


On another note, Tama-chan’s Default Reisou, 蒼色の呪術服, was originally made to fit an M bust, but now that she’s been upgraded to a much larger ‘frame’, her Reisou need a thorough remake as well.

Arrived last week from the same seamstress that made the original, Default Reisou Version 2.22 consists only the chest piece part, now made to fit an L bust, as the rest of her original Reisou outfit parts are still usable.


Aside from the new Reisou, Tama-chan also finally got her Platform Geta which is much akin to her original gaming image. :P

I wonder if I can still refer Tama-chan as a Dollfie Dream now that almost 70% of her original body has been modified/replaced by parts from other companies/makers like Black Swan (The custom wig), Wersaze and Seamstress Rana… She’s more like a hybrid now… =w=


Had Tama-chan to try out a pose from Log Horizon’s Nureha. XDc

Same seiyuu (Saito Chiwa) behind both of their voice over! ^~^


Tama-chan’s CCC Reisou, 漆黒の魔術服, also underwent a Version 2.0 treatment since Version 1.0 is not 100% accurate to her gaming counterpart.

Will show off her new CCC Reisou next time when I get the chance to do another proper photo-shooting. :3c


4 responses

  1. Nice upgrades and good to see Tama-chan is “back to health after her treatment” ! ^^

    16th April, 2014 at 01:49

    • Not really 100% recovered but it’s not as noticeable right now…

      Thanks and… thanks. XDc

      16th April, 2014 at 06:17

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