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提督の Heart を掴むのは、私デース!

The popularity of Kantai Collection, or more commonly referred to its shortened term Kancolle, is going stronger and stronger.

Announcements and releases are flooding the world of figure collection as well as never-ending supplies of merchandise (Unlike the flow of Bauxite XDc) 


After the overwhelming demand of Nendo/Figma Shimakaze a few months back, it’s no surprise that many more will come courtesy of GSC, including Nendo/Figma Akagi as well as this gem… :3c

「英国で産まれた帰国子女の金剛デース! ヨロシクオネガイシマース!」

Opened for Pre-Order since late last month, Nendoroid Kongou, my fave amongst the ship daughterus, will reach our docks in August.


「撃ちます! Fire!」

Fully sculpted to minor details, Kongou’s sailor miko outfit is faithfully recreated in her cutesy form, including her gigantic backpack cannons!

Her individual twin cannons of four sets are fully articulated and comes with firing effect parts!


「Burning… Love!」

You can recreate her famous pose via swapping of parts, a staple in any Nendo set. Really dig her golden-chrome hair ornament. =w=

Looking forward to her eventual Figma version too…


「Tea time は大事にしないとネー…」

Being a British-born ship, this returnee loves her sipping of tea, thus the inclusion of a grand looking chair and a tea set (No tea pot tho orz).


「Oh… 日頃の無理が祟ったみたいデース…」

Kongou even comes with her damaged parts ( Showing off her Nendo cleavage in full XDc) as revealing as seen in the browser game itself. :Dc


「Wow! 提督に Presents ネー!」

While you can get your fix of this ship daughteru through your regular channel, pre-ordering her directly from GSC’s Online Shop (End of PO period: 16th of April) will net you a specially made packaging sleeve as well as a diorama Nendo base stand resembling a raging sea.

Oh, that’s her imouto ship Haruna in the background! Does this hint of her Nendo treatment very, very soon too? www

「私の活躍見てくれたの? もっと頑張るから目を離しちゃ No! なんだからネ!」

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